CPNE this weekend!!!!!!

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    So nervous! Thanks everyone, you are all very supportive and I love your stories of your experiences! I know I can do this!!! I will keep in touch after this horrid weekend is over! Probably wont hear from me until monday or tuesday but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me in ur thoughts and prayers!!!!! i COULDNT HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR WITHOUT GOD, and im sure praying myself!! but extra prayers is great too!!!
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    ~Best Wishes~ You don't need luck because you know your stuff. Just try to keep your nerves under control and you will do great.
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    Good Luck !!! It's normal to be nervous but try to relax this is your weekend, You can Do it . Keep us updated.
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    Good luck this weekend!
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    Good Luck!!! Calm your nerves, take deep breaths. You know this stuff.
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    Good Luck...You CAN do this!!!!
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    Good Luck!
    Take it 1 lab at a time
    1 PCS at a time
    1 Day at a time
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    You will be in all of our thoughts and prayers. Good Luck
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    Good luck! You can doooooo it!!!!!!!!
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    Good Luck this weekend!

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