College Network Rep. "LIAR"

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    Met with a Rep. from The College Network and he was rude and "evil".....smh

    why me? I know 2 people who are going through TCN and they were shocked of the info I told them and they told me he was a LIAR and the info was not correct!

    has anyone else had a run in with a rep from TCN that was a JERK
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    what did he lie about?
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    I know others who have been lied to by a College Network Rep. They lead people to believe that they are associated with Excelsior College and there's absolutely no truth to that. Beware!
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    "mthly pymnts"- LIE
    work at own pace/ exams have no time line-LIE
    what happens if you need to take time off/ EMERGENCY-" much time you need"-LIE

    ALOT OF -BS-
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    I was considering using TCN, but the overall opinion of the program is not very good. I talked to multiple sources concerning them (here, co-workers, a couple people in education I happen to know) and they all said pretty much the same thing: They have a lot more people unhappy with them than happy with them. The people that defend them will do so very diligently, but sometimes I wonder if they are not a sales rep. from the company (when its online I mean). I'm yet to run into anyone personally who has had good experiences with them.
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    Is this a 'for profit' college? If so, beware! Seen/heard lots of news stories about for profit colleges recently and the general message has not been good.
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    Would it help to report this to the Attorney General in the state they are operating in with cited facts?
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    The College Network is bs. You don't need them. Basically what you get from TCN is signed up at a very high rate to use their "study materials" that you use to then do CLEP or Excelsior testing to get college credits for your GEs. Then, when that is done, they "help" you to sign up for Indiana State University BSN program. This is an application process you can do yourself, it's pretty clearly described on their website.

    I found out about TCN from my friend, who fell for their sales pitch. She asked me what I thought, and after reading through all her info, and then reading the reviews, I disdissuaded her from signing up and spending over 10K on this crap.

    You can test of of GEs easily on your own. You don't need TCN. Get the REA CLEP books to study from. They work amazingly well. I've tested out of several GE classes, and I did it just fine. Anyone that tells you they have a secret key to a BSN program, with the only caveat being that they want $10K+ from you, well, you should tell them to **** off.
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    Quote from psu_213
    Is this a 'for profit' college? If so, beware! Seen/heard lots of news stories about for profit colleges recently and the general message has not been good.
    College Network is NOT A COLLEGE!!! It is an overpriced, third party publishing company... ie, a bookstore.

    It is not in any way affiliated with Excelsior College, from which the ADN degree is granted.

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    lol.....I have been told to clep out also I will look into this

    THANX xoxo

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