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I have been a RN for about 1 1/2 years now and am starting to look towards going back and getting my BSN. I need something online since I work full time and have children, but also something that is... Read More

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    I know of many people who have gone on to go into APRN programs with a BSN from WGU. it hasn't seemed to be a problem. There is a person on this board who said she was accepted into two different CRNA programs, and I know they're highly competitive.

    WGU also offers two different MSN programs if you want to get a non-clinical MSN.
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    Wow that's amazing! I know our average gpa for our class is 3.7 ( crna school that is). I would hate to limit myself to where I apply based on gpa but glad others are getting in. I know different schools have different requirements and different competitiveness.
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    Just called Jacksonville is $447 per credit! Way to high considering many offer the same for 200-300 per credit.
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    OU ( ohio university) is $243/credit and that is for out of state. The nursing classes are 5 weeks long
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    Ohio University only admits students from surrounding states (and California?). Need to call Admissions office to see if you would be eligible. I live in Illinois and was not able to apply. :-(
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    is anyone looking at univ of wyoming? I keep putting it out there, but don't want to intrude if no one is interested!
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    I just checked out their website. $152.00 a credit for out of state! Thanks for the lead, I'll have to look into this college a bit further. I would like to find a university that doesn't require any clinical rotations.
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    I just found out that University of Wyoming does not require any clinical rotation.
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    does wyoming have a decent schedule or are they traditional semesters?
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    I haven't gotten that far, but it's all online and they claim you can finish in one year full time, so I can only assume there has to be more than 2 or 3 semesters a year like all other online RN to BSN programs.
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    they are traditional semesters.
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    Wyoming doesn't admit students from some states.

    The implementation of the Higher Education Act - State Authorization has affected the admission of out-of-state students in the RN-BSN Completion Program. The School of Nursing is no longer admitting students from the following states: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Minnesota.
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    Thought I would throw this one out there. I have been looking into them only statistics,micro,a/p required and your RN license. And the 36 hours of BSN courses. Expensive at $425/hr but, less credits to take so probably works out. Oh, and they say that you need to be RN for 2 yrs but, they do accept other medical experience such as LPN and Paramedics I know for sure. And, No clinicals! But, I am still looking around as well.
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