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woodsyny has 37 years experience as a MSN and specializes in ICU,ER, Radiology, Online education.

Nurse for 33 years Worked ICU/CCU/ER for 15 years, in Interventional radiology for 15 years. Now in Pre-Surgical testing. Online Nurse Educator with Chamberlain College of Nursing

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  1. I honestly cannot remember as it was 8 or 9 years ago, but I did need a lab component in order for it to be accepted. It did have a lab component. You can call and asked them!
  2. Hello woodsynyMSN,

    I wanted to get some info on Chamberlain MSN program, and I am hoping you can fill in the gaps. How heavy is the workload? Is it discussion/paper or proctored exam? Can you work full-time and stay on target? Are there any demanding courses (i.e. huge papers)? Any info will help.

    Thanks in Advance,

    John C. Martinez, RN 

    1. woodsyny

      woodsyny, MSN

      I took one class at a time and it was fine. Eight week sessions, usually three big papers in the eight weeks and discussion board posts each week. I did not have any exams but graduated three years ago, and the program has changed I heard.
      I work seven days in two weeks so just had to use time-management. It is not an "easy" program, but very doable. I now teach for Chamberlain online in their BSN program so it was worth it to me! Hope this helps!

  3. Best Schools for MSN in Education

    Esther, I graduated 2 years ago in the MSN in Ed at Chamberlain. I never physically had to be in a classroom and did not have to do any video presentation. That could have changed. Hope this helps!
  4. 8 week online microbiology class for late fall

    I had Walker when I took it and he was great!
  5. MSN Education Online 2019

    I graduated from Chamberlain 2 years ago with my MSN/Ed. I finished in two years and my practicum was co-teaching an online BSN class with another instructor from Chamberlain. Great experience and I did not have to leave home to do it!
  6. Looking for a Online MSN in Nursing Education

    I did my MSN in education through Chamberlain. Great experience, and I now teach online for them!
  7. Older nurses...chasing that carrot

    I have been a nurse for 37 years and felt like you do. Same thing, different day. I am lucky that my hospital is union, and I have enough time in for a nice pension. I wanted more, and went back to school for my BSN after being out of school over 30 ...
  8. MSN nurse educator past, present and future

    I took one class at a time and doubled once. I also work full-time. My preceptor was one of my MSN professors. My practicum was co-teaching an online MSN class with that professor. Super experience! That helped me secure an online teaching position w...
  9. Anyone know about online MSN degree at Chamberlain?

    Gilversplace. As Pixie R.N. said they pay a lump sum per credit hour and competitive.It is not comparable to hospital pay at all. I make very good money working in the hospital, and could not live on an educators salary alone teaching online. I spend...
  10. Online CHEM LAB (without lecture portion)

    I know when I was in my BSN program that many students did Biology and Chemistry online with Clovis College. Very reasonable and many said it was great. Don't know if they still over it. That was about 4 years ago.
  11. Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    In what way did you find your advisor not helpful? Would like to get a little more info if you would like to share :)
  12. Best Schools for MSN in Education

    Eli, It is still in effect, but don't know if it will be by the time you graduate. It is by word of mouth the residency program.
  13. Anyone know about online MSN degree at Chamberlain?

    Beth 2511, I found Chamberlain very accommodating for my MSN in education. I know many schools, not just Chamberlain have problems with clinical sites for FNP.
  14. Anyone know about online MSN degree at Chamberlain?

    I am teaching online in addition to working in the hospital. Plan to go on for DNP. My hospital is union. They pay for my education which is a positive "perk" :)
  15. CNE Exam

    Awesome! What did you feel helped you prepare most for this exam? Want to take it. How long did you study for it before you took it?