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Taking my 1st ADN-BSN class. Thinking of dropping it with only 1 week left. 1st class and already a 6 to 8 page paper. A concept analysis of 1 of the following 4 words: Caring, Hope, Trust, or Fear. This is absolutely... Read More

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    I did not enjoy writing nursing theory papers either. Nursing theory is belief based and more about the art of nursing then the science of nursing and I prefer science based theory. Thankfully, some of the other BScN courses were science based, I found epidemiology and nursing research interesting and writing papers for those courses was much easier than writing a paper on nursing philosophy.
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    Quote from adnrnstudent
    Taking my 1st ADN-BSN class. Thinking of dropping it with only 1 week left.

    1st class and already a 6 to 8 page paper. A concept analysis of 1 of the following 4 words: Caring, Hope, Trust, or Fear.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I have absolutely no idea what to say.

    The structure of these programs MUST change.

    I don't want to write papers every 5 weeks. I want to read a book and take a test.
    Writing is hard to avoid completely but maybe you can skip some of the dumber writing assignments by enrolling in a direct entry MSN instead. Since you already have a BS and MBA, why do you want yet another undergraduate degree? Go for a masters degree.

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    He doesn't have a BSN or MSN.
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    I understand the frustration the OP expresses. Mine was combined with a huge dose of fear. This same fear (of writing) kept me out of school for nearly 20 years. Just over a year ago, I had my first 150 word assignment and I had a breakdown that would have done any reality show star proud.

    Approximately 10 papers later (none shorter than 6 pages), the fear is past though I still procrastinate horribly. Just recently, I wrote a 2000 word research paper for work on a topic that concerned me. Completely spontaneous and unassigned.

    You know what helped me through that hideous first assignment? My husband pointed out that I spew out 150 words routinely here on AllNurses and my arguments about "I can't write" didn't have the ring of truth.

    OP, if you cannot see the value then maybe you need to wait a while. I needed to wait a few years at least as I am getting much more from these courses with some nursing experience behind me. My recommendation? Don't wait 20 years, college would have been so much easier a couple of decades ago when I had more young active brain cells.
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    There is actually a tremendous amount of value in writing papers. I went back to school to get my BSN (18 yrs later) and thought the same thing. Although, in the beginning it seemed overwhelming once you do a few papers you will find that you learn more than just studying for a test. It wasn't easy by no means, although I feel that my knowledge of each subject has become greater by writing the papers. I am currently finishing my MSN, and I know of no school that requires no paper writing. Good luck, and don't let the paper writing discourage you.
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    Quote from rubato
    I would look at it as a bonus. Easy A for doing very little work. I can write a 6-8 page paper full of BS on anything, even a single word, and do it in very little time. Enjoy the gift you've been given, even if it seems useless to you.

    Haha. Yup put on your floppy hat and calico dress and get to writing! All they want is your money and you've written the check! Everybody knows it's total BS or is that BSN. The hardest part is writing the check.

    ADNs would rather do anything instead of fluff that's why we resist. Stoopid that it's not HEAVY research that's specialty based or something...
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    As a proud ADN I found my RN-MSN classes rewarding, practice improving, and encouraging. Maybe it depends on where you go, which would't surprise me. I will admit that I was irritated in my first class when they wanted me to write a paper on "how BSN was better than ADN" basically, but by the end I took away an understanding that education wasn't something I was using against other people, but in order to make my life and practice better.

    You get what you look for. ./shrug

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    OMG! Tait's first day in class, the instructor says, "Let's begin with a little reprogramming for all you heathens" LOL.
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    I finished my RN-to-BSN program 3 years ago and while I enjoyed many of the classes and teachers, I have to say I don't think it made me a better nurse. I love to write but I will admit to hating the research papers. And yes, APA format and those darn reference pages were frustrating especially since I didn't find an APA program until my very last paper.

    Another $15,000 in debt allowed me to get a job away from the bedside. But now I need to go back again, get another loan, further my education in order to stay where I am. I'm at a crossroads and not sure what I want to do.

    I think the OP has a legitimate point. Even though I'm in favor of higher education.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** The BSN IS easy but not worth having. At least not worth the amount of time I wasted on it.
    Maybe where you live a BSN doesn't get you much but in the area that I live there are lots of magnet hospitals which pay great. They do not hire ADN's. And have given their ADN nurses a timeline to get their BSN.

    I know that with the plethora of nursing schools popping up some have better curriculum than others. But there are great BSN programs out there.
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