Will a past DUI affect taking the NCLEX/Getting hired? - page 2

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Hi, I received a DUI in California when I was 19 years old. (BAC .07) but under 21. That was 4 years ago. Wondering NY's policy/process on applying for the NCLEX and/or the job likelihood. I am already enrolled in... Read More

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    If you have plans to work in another state(differ than the state of which you are sitting for NCLEX), then you better start gathering any info/documents about your DUI situation. Ex: I had to answer "yes" to the misdemeanor question (a DUI in 2004). Since I answered "yes", the app requests a state criminal background check of where I have lived in the past 5 years (even though the DUI occurred on the opposite coast). Also, they are requesting any documents avail and a handwritten summary of what happened/resolved. So... I have to drive to a differ state that I lived in 5 years ago and get fingerprinted/do a state criminal check. And now, I have been waiting a 1.5 weeks to get the results in the mail... Alot of delay in the whole process of looking for job out-of-state... Alot of headache and hassle.

    If you answer "no" to the job application or on a state license application to work in a differ state, and they find out about your DUI, then you lied on the application..... ANd they now have the legitmate right to deny your app.