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    I just registered for the nclex exam and i have three juvenille misdemeanors... Battery, disorderly conduct, and petit theft? Has anyone been approved with this or been denied?

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    Juvenile records are sealed and are not accessible from my understanding.
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    I heard thats not true unless u get it sealed by paying.. So i sent the paperwork to the bon
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    This is a question to be answered by the BRN since they are the one's granting the license.
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    Moved to the "Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History" forum.
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    Each case is handled as an individual issue.
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    And for medical fields, military, criminal justice type jobs, they will ask and be allowed to see and hold against you anything committed as a juvenile. Do not fail to report these crimes!
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    Dear lunaRN,

    Where is this, "Nursing Licensure with a criminal history" forum found?
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    im sure everyone knows by now that each case is handeled on an indivisual basis.. all she is asking for is if anyone has gone through the same thing.. me having a criminal history going through california.. the board takes forever!!to give yu any answers i passed the nclex way in december 2009 and yet they have been slow and just recently requested additional paperwork!! my analyst is very slow rude and f.o.s. if you dont have a criminal history and have all the extra anxiety outside of waiting 6 weeks for your results from the enforcement unit then you should have nothing to say in regards to anyone with a criminal history. all this thread is asking if there is anyone out there that has been denied or approved..like i said im sure she already knows cases are handled on an indivisual basis!
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