Facing Disciplinary Action....?

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    It's my first post here. I am licensed RN in WV, and have been since 2005.
    This year, I was 2 days late completing application.
    I paid the fees, and submitted. The question that says have you ever been convicted
    of a misdemeanor or felony, etc charge, I answered NO. However, I have been.
    LET ME SAY: In the past, I answered yes, and it gave a few lines for explaination, and
    I would put "Previously Submitted Info", because all documents were submitted prior to the
    board and no new convictions. Since there was no drop down lines for info, I didn't want to
    make it look as tho there were any NEW charges. My conviction was in 1999.
    They are placing my application with the Disciplinary review committee.
    Why would I lie about it now, when I have always answered yes? It was just a weird moment
    in time that I checked no.
    My questions:
    It has been over a week, when will I know something?
    What are the odds that I won't get anything against license?
    I have been TOTALLY honest with them, and sent in a written explaination,
    yet my license is hanging in limbo....
    Advice? (other than check yes next time, I got that)

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    That should say the conviction was 1997. It was shoplifting.
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    We can't give advice but I would strongly encourage you to get a lawyer to help defend you.
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    Get a lawyer and be completely honest with the board when questioned do not beat around the bush just explain the situation. I have never been in your situation but I have been to many Nevada board meetings and that is a common mistake.
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    The board keeps their own time table. They may just ask for an explanation and you have already said that you though it was for something new. If you have malpractice insurance (something EVERY nurse should have) contact them as they will provide legal counsel.

    Good Luck
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    I think the records go Bye-Bye after Seven years, I was a cop a long time ago. But just in case consult a lawyer.
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    Well, I have actually talked with a lawyer about getting the record expunged. I do have malpractice with NSO, and if they reach a decision of placing an action against my license I will definately seek counsel for that. It really irritates me that it has been over 10 days, and they just leave people's licenses hanging in limbo with a Lapsed status, after paying $75 to reinstate it. It was an error, not an intentional lie. I have been honest with them for the last 5 years of renewals, with no action against my license, why would I lie about something 14 years ago now, when I told you the truth last year?
    This is VERY frustrating. Does anyone know how long it takes them to meet and decide about this? It's a bunch of crap in my opinion that they just leave you hanging, knowing you cannot work on a lapsed license without facing a fine.
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    I'm kinda stuck on the "weird moment" that made you check no to a question to which you have always previously answered yes.
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    In Jersey the board meets about once a month, so it could be a while. If you put down that you were convicted when you got your license and explained, no problem. When I renew my license on line there is a question, "Were you ever convicted of a crime?" They mean any crime from being a Drug King pin to Jay walking. They most of the time throw out petty crimes. It's the big ones things like selling drugs, murder,or Assult they care about. If you didn't tell them about the conviction, that's when things can get a little sticky. Glad you got a lawyer.
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    The problem with expungement is the BON will still be able to access it and read it...that information will always be available to the board.

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