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  1. Failed A Course...

    True success never comes without some degree of failure, is my motto in life. I am a lab instructor at the school I once failed out of. I failed a lab class so hard the ADN program I was attending would not readmit me. I graduated in the 97th percent...
  2. nursing in Las Vegas as a single Parent

    I moved to vegas with my parents when I was 15, when we moved from a very small and safe town in rural Nevada. I found vegas to be a great place to grow up and almost 15 years later I still love it here. I did well in high school and graduated from a...
  3. how to get into peds

    I am a peds ICU nurse in Nevada and I regulatory sit on new grad interview panels. For any area you want to go into the question you need to ask yourself is, "what can I do to separate myself from the 300+ other applicants for this limited position"....
  4. Nevada State College RN-BSN Track

    I have been in this program for a year and it is going to take me about another two to two and a half years to finish it. I could do it faster, but I have zero desire to be a full time student. I take two classes a semester and on average probably sp...
  5. Support breast cancer and Vote for UMC

    Our local hospital, UMC put together an amazing video in support of the American Cancer Society's fight against Breast Cancer. Go to http://www.pinkglovedance.com/videos/2013-video-contest/university-medical-center/ select vote now, then return every...
  6. Bio 189 @ CSN

    Bio 189 at CSN. Oh how I will never forget that class. It has been a few years since I took it, so I cannot talk about the instructors. However, I have one piece of advise and that is study, study, study. It is the first hard class you are going to t...
  7. New grad salary:)

    In my experience $25 is a little low and $30 is a little high, but that seems to be the range. Hospitals do not necessarily pay more, because they are more in-demand. When I was a new grad, I went from a rehab hospital to a critical care unit and too...
  8. Obtaining CNA license during ADN program

    At CSN you will be eligible to take the CNA exam once you are pass the Fundamentals of Nursing class with a C or better. The process is simple fill out the application, which I have attached a link to, get finger printed, then wait for a letter in th...
  9. Question about zeroing lines

    Very good discussion thank you guys
  10. National University RN program beware

    I am proud to say, I graduated from National University. I passed the NCLEX in 45 minutes with 75 questions. Today, I am a pediatric critical care nurse. Sense graduating I have become certified in among others, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, pediatric critical, ...
  11. CNA Programs Las Vegas

    I do not recommend searching the web for CNA programs, because there is a lot of fraud out there. Here is the board of nursing's list of approved CNA programs. I would recommend contacting the schools directly. http://nevadanursingboard.org/wp-conten...
  12. Nursecore las vegas

    I worked for them as a CNA a few years ago. I enjoyed it. The pay was fair and the work load was reasonable. I have not taken an assignment with them as a nurse, but I would.
  13. ADN vs BSN

    This issue has been covered over and over. Try looking at other posts for information.
  14. New grad with ADN

    I graduated with an ADN from an unaccredited school and I had two job offers with in a week of taking the NCLEX. Yes, ADN's get hired. Just make yourself standout in other ways. Make sure your resume and application are perfect. That means no spellin...
  15. CSN current nursing students - online classes?

    I am a past nursing student and I am currently taking general education classes at CSN. I would say it really depends on you. Online classes offer flexibly and are good if you are more self passed learner. Classroom classes demand that you pace yours...