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Many people will insist that it is illegal for a former employer to give bad references or say anything negative about former employees. In fact, one woman told me, "It's against the law if a former boss says anything that may... Read More

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    I interviewed for a PT job at a closer hospital. The interview went well, with the hiring manager stating he would like to hire me pending references. I used two managers from work, and a friend/co-worker. I used the two managers previously for another job which had been offered to me. The most recently interviewed hospital called me back to tell me that I was not a hire.

    My friend and I after a month of not speaking sat down for breakfast (at his suggestion) one morning. My buddy had decided that rather than give me a full grade, that he would do me a favour by giving me at least one thing that I needed improvement on. According to him and I agree to a certain extent that it would be good not to give a full grade because that makes the HR person or whoever is compiling the information think the interviewee is not being truthful. I can see my buddy's point, but unfortunately I did not get the job. I also think in the world of 2012 that a full grade for these surveys or questionaires is what is expected.

    My friend made an honest mistake, and I would not jeopardize our friendship over my not getting a PT/casual job. I am just venting here and sharing my experience, and like everyone else, Burlshoe114 I would want to know what happened to change their minds.

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    And they can say a lot by saying nothing. "I'd rather not say" speaks volumes.

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