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ZenLover has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in FNP-BC / ICU.

Human being working hard at not being self centered and realizing the world is not all about me.

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  1. ZenLover

    Interviewing a Phoenix

    Thank you for your positive feedback. It took a pandemic for me to finally just "put" myself out there.
  2. ZenLover

    Interviewing a Phoenix

    My most recent experiences sound so much like what you have already heard. Being a critical care nurse in a pandemic has not been easy. But what is easy? What in life is ever easy? Falling down, but not getting back up. Failing to show up, but not th...
  3. What amazes me are the number of employees anywhere acting like this vaccine is the first mandate ever. Umm...TB testing, even outside of healthcare. And if you had a positive result you had to do chest x-rays with months of meds that have a lot mo...
  4. ZenLover

    Tolerating Abuse from Grieving Families

    I work in the ICU and with COVID we see a lot more of this than ever before because many of our patients are unvaccinated and come from families that didn't really believe COVID was real. As a result we have been screamed at, one patient's family ra...
  5. ZenLover

    Removing Calazime

    I don't know if this will work for you but I know what your talking about because I work in a hospital and that thick Zinc is hard to deal with once pasted on. I remember though when my son was a baby he managed to get Strep in his gut and it gave h...
  6. ZenLover

    Anybody ever seen anything like this??

    https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1742-6723.13537 Not that it was necessarily Ivermectin, but this link looking at the potential toxicity of different treatments at home for COVID might be useful to you right now. Problem is that I am...
  7. ZenLover

    Anybody ever seen anything like this??

    I saw something similar in a grown man that came into our ED and up to our ICU. His pH was 7.02 and it was metabolic acidosis, not respiratory driven. They were thinking it was because he had taken a new prescription of Metformin....but no way it w...
  8. ZenLover

    How to educate spouse about what I do as an NP?

    I, personally, would avoid "talking at her". She obviously doesn't like it and you are getting frustrated = not working for either of you. Most miscommunication is not bad intent, is bad understanding. Quit trying to educate her and educate yo...
  9. ZenLover

    Nurse Practitioner Credentialing

    I worked on the business side. Credentialing is time consuming, not necessarily expensive. I am not saying you need to argue or even seek him out on the conversation. Professionally I would ignore the comment and do my job to the best of my abilit...
  10. Okay, so ya'll are probably like why did you hop on here, you should be celebrating. Seriously, I have to tell you though that after reading all the posts about how I passed the boards I needed to help save ya'll some money. 1) Keep some of...
  11. ZenLover

    Home Healthcare NP

    Are there any NP / FNPs or the like that work in home healthcare? I am potentially looking at being hired (within the hospital system I currently work in) as a new grad FNP in home health. Basically (5) 8 hour days a week seeing 8-10 patients a day...
  12. ZenLover

    Women's and Children Telephone Triage

    Thank you for sharing! It is very much appreciated.
  13. I am currently a general medicine ICU nurse at a small community hospital, previously cardiothoracic stepdown at a large University hospital. I have approximately 6 years of nursing under my belt. I have finished one semester of grad school. I hav...
  14. ZenLover

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    I like the way you explain this and people should think of it in terms of WWII and the Nuremberg trials. Never again did we want to create an atmosphere of “I was just following orders” and if you feel compelled to ever say this it should make you s...
  15. ZenLover

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    In a lot of ways graduating with a NP is like graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. You can get either degree in a lot of different places, completely online, cheap, or you can spend a ton of money getting the degree at Yale. The...