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  1. ZenLover

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I am going back, not so much for the pay, because I don't think being a nurse anyone is ever going to get rich....no matter if you teach or whatever. Maybe if you REALLY go to the dark side and join hospital administration. haha I am going back because I am feeling really passionate about making some change. I have been in healthcare for greater than 20 years and a nurse greater than 5 years. I feel like my unique experience and the opportunity I have for the program I want to be in will set me up quite nicely to do some much needed educational work in my community. I think it is a mistake to make this kind of investment just for money or trying to get away from the bedside, though both of those are strong motivators....but if those are your ONLY reasons you will quickly find that you have hard time finding your place or your niche and you will eventually still be disappointed with what you are doing. Just my opinion anyway. Same rule applies as when we were kids....Do what you love and then try to get paid for it. Satisfaction will figure itself out.
  2. ZenLover

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I agree, but it is stronger and more academics. In reality I think if we could marry the two educational systems you would end up with an outstanding practitioner. This would be why a lot of academic centers are trying to bring together medical students and nurses in projects at critical points in their education. We can't marry the two systems, but we can do better at working together rather than arguing over who is smarter. One is about rubber meeting the road. The other is about understanding the vehicle and the road to a much greater extent before even leaving the garage. I do think we need to let go of the concept that one is more than or the other is less than. They are unequal parts that should not be compared that way, rather complement each other and understood each meets a critical need for patient and family.
  3. ZenLover

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Food for thought....MDs have years of residency training? What about the full time working nurse at the bedside that helps train these residents going back to school to become a NP. While this is not viewed as formal education and we are being paid, does the experience not count? Of course it should and in many ways the experienced RN at the bedside going back to be a NP is much more capable than a 1st year resident. I have worked with both. The only thing an experienced nurse graduating from a reputable DNP program is missing that a MD has is perhaps a few more hard earned academic classes, depending on specialty of course. That is my opinion anyway. What I don't agree with is a brand new graduate nurse applying for NP school and they haven't even gained a year of working experience. I think is very dangerous and most don't even know what they are getting into, they just know that the bedside is hard work.
  4. Are there any advanced practice nurses that currently work with developmental disabilities or differently abled individuals in their practice? I am interviewing soon for an extremely good graduate program soon and one of my interests is working with this population. My daughter is on the spectrum. During my time at the bedside I am learned and become aware of the great many adults that are not necessarily identified as developmentally different, but rather comments like "bad self care, non-compliant, flat affect, high anxiety" are used. After becoming more aware and educating myself about my daughter I have found that this education as translated nicely to the bedside and even outside the pediatric population. I am passionate about inclusive education techniques and want to do everything I can to improve not just access to healthcare for the developmentally different, but improving what kind of basic care they get. I am looking for anyone with experience. I would like to hear what you love about your job. What you hate about your job. What you wish would change and what we need to do more of. Thanks!