Ello~ I'm just curious to know, for those of you who are unemployed nurses, exactly how long have you been looking for work? What are you (LPN,RN,BSN-RN,MSN-NP,etc.) How many previous years of experience do you have? Where are... Read More

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    I really feel bad for all of you! However, its not just nurses that are unemployed, the unemployment rate in my area (central IL) is still in the double digits. About the only people working at the moment are the snow plow drivers.

    I got my LPN in 1992, job offers galore!

    I got my ADN in 1994 and had to continue to work as an LPN for 6 months before I could get a job.

    I did a BSN in 2004, no change in job.

    I did an MSN in 2005, no change in job.

    I did a post-MSN in 2006 and voila, got a great job.

    I did another post-MSN in 2010 - no change in job (just to expand my scope of practice).

    In my area, we have some foreign-trained RNs but very few. Few people want to slog thru 17 inches of snow in -10 degree weather, foreign or not.

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    Thanks for all the insight. This tread reinforces my poor decision to attend nursing school. I left a fantastic full time job to attend a ABSN (I worked one day a week while in school). Not only was the program awful, I am having a horrible time finding a job. Over half of my classmates have interviews or positions. I have not received one phone call and applied to over 50 positions. I have heard the same story over and over-"we are not hiring new grads." Which is a lie because they hired and currently hiring my classmates! Even though I have experience in a different field, it does not matter. I am trying to increase my hours with the same organization I left but there is no jobs in that field either. I wish I knew what made my classmates stand out over me. Good luck to everyone out there
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    How many of ya'll climbed the career ladder versus jumped at the top?
    Career Ladder - CNA, LPN, RN, RN-BSN
    At the Top - RN-BSN

    Just curious
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    I am An Lpn with 3 years experience, I am kinda scared to even take my boards. At least as an Lpn I have experience. Every ad is no new grads. I know it's the economy, but in every facility they want to cut down on nurses pay.
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    We have lots of foreign nurses but I am in a very rural area and the pay is not much. We just lost a really good nurse because they did a check and one of the nurses did not have permission to work in USA so they had to let her go.
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    I'm an LPN with 5+ years experience in Western Mass. I've been unemployed since Oct. 2010. The only jobs I can find require a comute time of 1 hour or more one way. Between the weather and the gas prices I can't afford to take a job like that. I've filled out 100's of applications, and have gotten a few interviews but no job offers. I've been told I interview very well and that my accomplishments are wonderful. I'm begining to wonder if they are telling the truth. At this point I am considering McDonalds!
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    I am just waiting to graduate this month so that I can start on my BSN. I have no loans for Lpn to Rn so I am happy about that. I am trying to become an NP; it seems that they have jobs. Cheaper than docs.
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    WOW!!! I worked in nyc back in the 70's. At that time there were nurses from other countries. I do truly believe that what is happening now is this: many folks have gone into nsg because they were jobs. Now there is an overabundance. This will reverse and there will be a nsg shortage again.
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    I graduated in May 2009, BSN. 3.6 GPA, Sigma Theta Tau, SNA, department's highest award, very involved and active in class and school activities. I've had a few interviews (4? 5?) and one horror show of a job that I gave my notice at after 2 weeks because it was unsafe; 2 weeks work + 2 weeks notice = 4 weeks experience. At some point in this saga, I started printing out the ad for every job I applied to. I now have a 1" binder that can't accept any more pages, so I have to get another binder.

    Last year I took the American Red Cross phlebotomy course, did a 100 hour/100 stick internship and got certified; even phlebotomy jobs require experience. I more or less regularly attend grand rounds at nearby teaching hospitals in areas of interest, just to feel like I'm staying connected to the healthcare world. (The winter snows have put a damper on my ability to attend recently.) The ones I attend give CEUs, they're free, and while I thought they might provide an opportunity to make professional contacts, that hasn't panned out. I just finished a 3 week, 45 hour RN refresher at a local community college.

    I tried to volunteer as a nurse, but all in-country agencies seem to be unable, I guess because of liability issues. Even agencies that run out-of-country medical missions want experienced nurses. I will fetch water and sweep floors but I can't find anyone to let me in. I occasionally apply to non-nursing allied health jobs but no-one will hire me; perhaps this is because, as one hiring manager told me, they know I will leave as soon as I find that RN job. I don't think I'm being too picky, but I am picky which LTC facilities I apply to. I do not want to provide one-on-one care to children with severe birth defects, on vents and tube feedings; I do not want to work in a plastic surgery office.

    I have started looking nationwide. This week I've applied to ~7 jobs at various hospitals around the country that are advertising new grad programs. I did not apply to any NYC, Seattle, or California jobs; too expensive to live in those places. If I ended up being offered a job away from home, I would live away from home -- it is dear husband's income that made my education possible and which supports me today; he's not giving up his job and relocating with me. Though we have a good relationship, I am afraid that a one or two year long distance marriage could kill it.

    I'm old and getting older. This is my last career and I can't get it off the ground.
    I cannot even begin to describe the depths of my despair over this.

    I live in Massachusetts. A small state, compared to others, but still too big to commute from one side to the other.
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    LOCATION.........LOCATION........... LOCATION Even with the closing of some hospital doors, Pittsburgh Pa. is still a place you can find a job. Little bad weather for 3 months, great the rest of the year. Just have to pick your 3 months each year to spend indoors (mostly), summer there, winter here.

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