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  1. Home ventilators

    I agree love the trilogy
  2. How many hours is too many

    The patient has no meds. Just vent dependent and g tube
  3. How many hours is too many

    Thanks for your input. I will stop by agency office tomorrow and get copy of 485 andBoth pare
  4. How many hours is too many

    I have a weird situation and would like some advice. I have a peds patient, pre school, vent dependent with other issues. Anyway I believe the case has 20h/day x 7 days. Nice family, however, the parents want to go away by themselves for a long...
  5. Discouraged new/old grad

    sorry will have my bsn in May 2013
  6. Discouraged new/old grad

    don;t feel bad, I have an ADN, graduated in May 2010, will have my bsn in May of 2012 and still don;t have a steady job, even with a 3.9gpa, try some agencies, there are lots around, some are good, some not so good, I refuse to give up there...
  7. New Grad RN still no job

    I am in the same boat. Nursing homrs dont want new grads either especially in the Nyc area. I finally gave up and got an admin position. There r no jobs for new grads in this area. Anyone who got a job was pushed by. Thier mother sister uncle who is...
  8. BEWARE: Pace University

    Sorry fir typos. Darn i phone keyboard
  9. BEWARE: Pace University

    I am impressed. Nevermind the debate about Pace. How did you get a few job offers. My classmates and i have beem looling for over one year. Its rpugh in the metro NY area
  10. After 20 MONTHS of job search.....i give up.

    Amen, I am in the same position, 20 months no jobs, I am working in a bank now, making just barely minimum wage, and people I went to school with who I helped through school got jobs, I am so depressed.
  11. Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    Yes they do have nursing classes during the summer and the winter intersession, so if you go straight throuhg you could do it faster, don;t forget though they only give you sixty undergrad credits and so you have to do the 37,5 nursing credits plus...
  12. How is job market NOW for Registered Nurses?

    Please I went to school with a ton of Philipino students and they are actually in the same boat as the rest of us in NYC, if they can't get jobs what hope is there for the rest of us, I graduated one year ago, and haven't had one interview, and y...
  13. After 20 MONTHS of job search.....i give up.

    Good for you, congratulations, it gives me hope, I am 20 months and around 50k in debt, so discouraging,
  14. Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    Full time you can do it in 4 semesters
  15. Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    Yes there are classes at night, most of the rn to bsn classes are online the few that are not are at night, the liberal art requirements can be done at night , day , weekends or on line. There are no clinical requirements, you have a physical ...