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mb1949 has 2 years experience and specializes in med surg home care PEDS.


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  1. mb1949

    New Grad RN still no job

    I am in the same boat. Nursing homrs dont want new grads either especially in the Nyc area. I finally gave up and got an admin position. There r no jobs for new grads in this area. Anyone who got a job was pushed by. Thier mother sister uncle who is DON or something at this hospital or home. It is a joke
  2. mb1949

    Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    Yes they do have nursing classes during the summer and the winter intersession, so if you go straight throuhg you could do it faster, don;t forget though they only give you sixty undergrad credits and so you have to do the 37,5 nursing credits plus like 23 liberal arts credits, and the nursing course are intense the prerequisites are your RN degree you would really need to speak to the nursing department if you degree is from a US college you will get 60 credits otherwise I don;t know
  3. I'm sick, this was a NYC institution, nothing else to say, heartbreaking
  4. mb1949

    How is job market NOW for Registered Nurses?

    Please I went to school with a ton of Philipino students and they are actually in the same boat as the rest of us in NYC, if they can't get jobs what hope is there for the rest of us, I graduated one year ago, and haven't had one interview, and yes I have a BSN and excellent gpa, it is so scary, if your mother or aunt is DON your ok, otherwise you are out in the cold, I am 60,000 in debt and working as a waitress
  5. mb1949

    After 20 MONTHS of job search.....i give up.

    Good for you, congratulations, it gives me hope, I am 20 months and around 50k in debt, so discouraging,
  6. mb1949

    Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    Full time you can do it in 4 semesters
  7. mb1949

    Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    Yes there are classes at night, most of the rn to bsn classes are online the few that are not are at night, the liberal art requirements can be done at night , day , weekends or on line. There are no clinical requirements, you have a physical assessment class, that I love, that has a LAB requirement, and another class witha lab requirement.
  8. mb1949

    Any grads of Lehman College RN to BSN program?

    I am at Lehman now, RN to BSN, and I love it, so far the Professors are great very helpful, the classes are reasonable, most of the nursing classes are on line, of course it is CUNY so dealing with financial aid, the registar etc are the usual CUNY nightmare.
  9. mb1949

    Good at Theory, Trouble with Clinical/Lab

    Become a CNA, listen to me, I am an RN now but I struggled through nursing school, I was all thumbs, and felt so uncomfortable during med pass, wound care whatever, but now I don;t even sweat it, you just need practice, they make it so mysterious in school and it is not mysterious at all.
  10. mb1949

    I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    Ok how about this, patient has an older sibling under 5, mom thougt she was slick, would go out for milk and disappear for 2 hours, once for the whole day, that was it, I am not a nanny, and honestly if medicaid did an impromptu visit, I would get in trouble, this is not what I am getting paid for, I am paid to give skilled nursing care. Period
  11. mb1949

    Should I leave this case? Worried.

    It is sad they are put in this position, my client just had hours cut, I have to find another day somewhere cause this isn't cutting it, anyway I just left another case for much of the same reasons, and because mom thought I was nannny for her other two kids, use to leave to run to store and get milk for 3 hours
  12. mb1949

    too hot in the home

    I had to leave a job this summer because of this, a little different situation, worked nights, apartment was an oven,, mom would take baby into her room and put the air conditioner on, while I sweated in a hot living roon, on a plastic covered couch (didn;t know they still made plastic slipcovers), One night it was over 100 degrees in the living room, I had just given baby his 2am meds, and was trying to rest until 6am, ok wait, the baby;s trach tube come over the trach cannuala, ok reconnect right, 10 seconds, no Mom called be upstairs in the heat to stick it back on, that was my last night
  13. mb1949

    Help identifying lung sounds of vent baby

    OMG you could be talking about the little guy I am taking care of right now, home care, single mom with a 5yo sibling. Baby is a 22 wk preemie, chronic lung disorder, short gut, really a sweet little babe, has had PNA and many surgeries on his bowels, Mom insisted on taking him home for whatever time babe has left, I worry constantly I am missing something, his lungs always sound wheezing, congested to me, but the homecare supv NP didn;t seem to concerned, I guess I just keep on doing what I do, meds, TPN feedings, keep him clean and comfortable and hold him whenever I can, sometimes I wonder if we do the right thing keeping these babies alive but thats for another post.
  14. mb1949

    Unpaid jobs: The new normal?

    Scary, sorry typing on a droid or iphone or something of my nieces' anyway as an old new grad I would be happy to get a CNA job at this point, in the NYC area they wont hire RN's as CNA's rationale "You'll leave as soon as you get an RN job", I would leave and kiss the ground and do cartwheels and go to church and light a candle but that for another post
  15. mb1949

    Unpaid jobs: The new normal?

  16. mb1949

    Troubles with eyeglasses

    I have been wearing progressives for about 5 years now and I have no problems with them, they are a blessing. I tried the seeing reading glasses switch off and was miserable. I wear my glasses all the time otherwise I am pretty much blind, they are expensive. Just got a new pair and they were are you ready, now remember I live in NYC (expensive everything) 1100 dollars, that included the eye exam. However they are also scratch resistant, anti glare, lightweight thin lenses (otherwise coke bottle bottoms) and go from light to dark in the sunlight so 700 is reasonable in this area. I am sure without all the other add-ons that is what they would cost.