Question: Where are the nursing jobs?

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    There are lots of posts and discussions on AN about where the nursing jobs aren't but not much discussion about which areas have plentiful openings for RN's. For the most part, this question relates to new grads or relatively inexperienced nurses, since many, perhaps even most, parts of the country still have a relatively robust job market for exeperienced RN's.

    So with that in mind, where are the nursing jobs?

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    Not in DFW.
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    Not in Eastern Alabama. Even for experienced nurses.
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    Eagle Pass, Texas (I have never been there, but I have heard that the town is isolated, on the border with Mexico, and not very pretty). The local hospital is called Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center, and they still offer large sign-on bonuses.
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    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that this topic hasn't elicited very many responses. And two of three responses are off topic to boot!
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    I live and work in Philadelphia. There seem to not be too many jobs in the area, however, within 1 year of graduating an Associate program in May 2010, 95% of my classmates secured full-time jobs. There are a ton of nursing schools in Philadelphia, which offer BSN programs and just as many schools that offer Associate programs. My point being, there are jobs in Philadelphia, but they are scarce and tough to come by. Especially since there is a lot of new graduate competition. The majority of my classmates secured RN positions in the greater Philadelphia area, which is roughly a 30 mile radius outside of the city, which is not too bad if you ask me.

    As far as jobs for new graduates, the only company that I am aware of that definitely will hire new graduates in the Philadelphia area is DaVita Dialysis. They seem to have a high turnover rate, which may not be a good thing. If you are a new graduate though, that needs a job, this might be a place to look. Manor Care is another company that I see always looking for RN's. I'm not familiar with their company, but I have heard rumors that their pay is on the lower side of average. If you need a job though, look there.

    That's all I got for now!
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    Thank you "EC" I also live in Philadelphia. I graduated with an ASN in May 2010 also.. and passed my boards a year later. Since then I have been searching for jobs in both Pa and NJ. However, I came across the same realization. JOBS ARE SCARCE FOR NEW GRADS WITH LESS THAN 1 YR EXPERIENCE!!

    I feel like every job posting I have been finding wants more experienced nurses.
    Its quite discouraging.. but I'm still hopeful and faithful that it'll get better..

    and then that's when I joined this blog.. Its a nice support system to know that I can vent my frustrations!

    Anyways... I replying to say thank you for your suggestions as to where to look. I have already applied to DaVita but they didn't have any open positions for me. Hearing that they have a pretty high turn over rate makes me feel both cautious about it .. and willing to keep applying! Thanks EC!
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    If you here anything in the Tri-State area of Philadelphia or NJ... please keep me informed!
    And Vice Versa! Thank you!
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    try the Veterans. ( It's nation wide.
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    Yeah, Davita does have a high turnover rate it looks like. They also only guarantee you 32 hours a week, which can be a tight budget; however, a nursing job is a nursing job and any experience is way better than no experience.

    Have you considered any nursing homes in the area? I had plenty of opportunities to interview with few local nursing homes, but I had already accepted my current job. Genesis health care, Manor Care, are the two big companies that come to mind. I know there are tons of retirement communities out on the Main Line too. Check out some of the drug rehabs too. I know a few of them hire new nurses, but I cannot recall the names of the facilities off of the top of my head.

    If I find any openings in the Philadelphia area, I'll attach them to this thread.

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