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Eric Cartman has 7 years experience and specializes in Neurology.

Never thought I was going to grow up and be a nurse. For a while I was really hoping to become a rock star. Oh well. I'll save the rock star dream for another lifetime, but being a nurse is pretty great!

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  1. Eric Cartman

    The test doesn't lie

    I second the notion of talking to a lawyer. Urine tests for drug screens have been known to show false positives occasionally, if the person is taking certain O...
  2. Eric Cartman

    Melatonin ok?

    I don't think you will have any issues with melatonin. I take it occasionally myself.
  3. Eric Cartman

    Giving labetalol with low heart rate

    You bring up a legitimate concern, but was the labetalol a new medication or one that the patient had been on for some time? Also, was the high BP past medical ...
  4. Eric Cartman

    Auditing falls .. where to begin?

    Fall prevention is a hot topic right now at many acute healthcare facilities. As has already been mentioned in others posts, the biggest questions are why did t...
  5. Eric Cartman

    patient load on your neuro floor

    I work on a neuro/ tele unit as well and typically it is a 1:5 or 1:6 ratio for night shift, and 1:5 for day shift. Nights were the patient loads are a good mix...
  6. Eric Cartman

    Moving to Philadelphia Area...tips and advice!

    Supposedly University of Penn, Health system, is BSN, or nothing. The other hospitals that I listed are supposed to be the same, but I could be wrong. I am on...
  7. Eric Cartman

    UTA RN-BSN and Federal Student Loans

    This is all true and I am aware that this needs to be done. What is unclear though is how the federal funding would be distributed. UTA requires that classes ...
  8. Eric Cartman

    Moving to Philadelphia Area...tips and advice!

    University of Pennsylvania, Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, Jefferson Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and Temple Hospital, all require BSN, or...
  9. Eric Cartman

    Any openings for new grads?

    Some hospitals do have new graduate programs, which do no require any experience. You can find this out by searching individual hospitals websites, looking for...
  10. Eric Cartman

    Inova Health System

    Congratulations to all who have secured positions at Inova. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you someday. I'll be starting at Fairfax Hospital at the end of...
  11. Eric Cartman

    UTA RN-BSN and Federal Student Loans

    Does anybody know if you can use Federal Student loans to pay for the classes at UTA, for the RN-BSN program? I only ask because I know that prior to starting ...
  12. Eric Cartman

    Inova Health System

    Depending on what hospital you choose to seek employment at, average new graduate pay is between $25-$28 base rate, an hour, which is not including shift differ...
  13. Eric Cartman

    Counter offer for rate of pay

    Well I was able to negotiate, but not the base hourly rate. I was able to negotiate "X" amount of dollars in a lump sum, after working 90 days. I guess you co...
  14. Eric Cartman

    Counter offer for rate of pay

    I bet you could.
  15. Eric Cartman

    Inova Health System

    Well I was offered the job at Fairfax Hospital. Now I just have to decide if I want to take the position. Unfortunately what they are offering me is actually ...
  16. Eric Cartman

    Hospitals hiring NEW RNs

    Check out Inova health systems. I just had an interview with them and they are doing a large hire throughout their system. They are based out of Northern Virg...