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I am cheeeesing!!! Because I am officially a nurse. That's right! No longer am I the licensed non-working individual. But I am not here to gloat or rub it in. I wanted to give some tips. They are... Read More

  1. by   delap
    any saskatchewan nurses with IV skills out there looking for jobs?
  2. by   kujomonster
    Ive tried some of these strategies and have not been as fortunate as the OP. Ive emailed contacts Ive gained at hospitals I want to work at, and it usually ends with an email from them saying "Ive forwarded your information to so and so" and I never hear back. Im dying to get my foot in the door somewhere but I havent been so lucky...
  3. by   Broadway404
    Congrats! Great ideas!
  4. by   SushiRN
    I GOT A JOB TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I followed her suggestions and created a Linked In account, searched for recruiters, DONs, PCDs, at all the hospitals I wanted to work at. Snazzed up my resume and wrote a really great CL w/ an eye catching opening sentence "So&So Hospital is known for their mission in providing high-class patient care and satisfaction." Yup, I researched the hospitals and implemented their "vision" or "mission" statement in my CL. I used the tricks for the email addresses and verified them on verify-email.org sent them away on November 28th and 29th. I got 2 emails back from one hospital from the DONs saying that they are happy that I'm interested and I should apply online, yada, yada, yada. Wrote them back thanking them for their response. Then BOOM the 30th I got a call from a recruiter at their hospital! Coincidence?! I think not!!! Especially since I applied at this hospital 2 months prior with no call backs. Had a phone interview w/ the nurse recruiter. I really let my charismatic personality shine. She told me she would send me resume to the PCD and I would her back within the week. BOOM!! The VERY next morning I got a call back from her to set up an interview. Interviewed for the Total Joint Replacement Unit on Med/Surg on December 2nd. The interview went great. I met with the recruiter and we discussed benefits, interviewed with the PCD, had a panel interview with the nurses on the unit after the unit tour. Again, I let my sparkling personality shine and really pressed about my passion for patient care and team work. Met with the PCD again who said she wanted to hire me and would like me to continue in the hiring process. Did a drug screen that day and another phone interview the following monday. Then I got my official "You're Hired" call yesterday!! I start orientation on Jan. 9 making $10 more than I make now. I got my 12s on the night shift PLUS they are willing to work around my schedule w/ church and give me Thursday & Saturday nights off. And the HUGE plus is they want me to pursue my BSN and will pay 100% if I go to George Mason. What?!?!?! The only thing is the require a 2 year contract after my 90 days, but I'm totally ok with that! They told me I can transfer to different units if it doesn't work out. So ecstatic!! Happy Dance!!!

  5. by   kellyp374
    I have been searching for an RN job for about a month now and have had NO CALL BACKS..nothing...nadda...ziltch! Making me question my decision to quit my well paying job as a Systems Analyst for nursing. It is indeed EXTREMELY frustrating trying to find that first RN job...no one wants to hire an inexperienced nurse...at least not this time of the year. I even moved from a small town to the city thinking i would have better luck at finding that first job...guess the joke is on me!

    Now here I sit day after day applying for jobs and within minutes getting the thanks but no thanks emails. What's the point of even applying ?!?!?!

    I had to take a crappy call center job that pays practically nothing just to support my daughter and I. I barely make enough to pay my bills and Christmas this year will consist of literally no gifts for anyone. Oh and my awesome student loans are coming due in less than 60 days...gee I am so damn glad I chose to be a nurse!

    If there are lessons to be learned in any of this experience....I wish someone would share so I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.
  6. by   Faith2012
    dont give up. Keep trying. Apply in departments that you wouldn't normally apply. Go to hospitals, clinics etc and ask around for what department needs help. You don't have to disclose that you are a nurse looking for a job. However, it may help. It is much easier to impress in person than over the phone or internet. Always look your best and dress to impress. Goodluck
  7. by   Nurse2b7337
    Congrats and these are great tips!!
  8. by   zorro_wrangler
    awesome...love the borderline stalkerish strategy. Gonna keep these tips handy. TY.
  9. by   froggy8
    good tips! however i just got what KUJOMONSTER got, "ill forward it to so and so..." and thats it....
    glad to hear new grads that got jobs, makes it seem more possible for those of us who have been searching for some time :spin:
  10. by   jobhunting
    chicagorntobsn: (for some reason i can't reply through pm)
    thank you soooo much! my cover letter is so generic, even i myself think it is really boring. so i will definitely work on improving it, thanks for your tips! it makes so much sense to actually put down the skills i have done during clinical. i have a few more qstions if you dont mind?in my cover letter should i : -- include future plans for bsn (i graduated adn) although i didnt' enroll yet?
    - reasons for employment gaps? (i didn't work throughout nursing school because i wanted to concentrate mainly on school)
    - include a not-so-glamorous gpa? mine was 2.93 including pre-requisites (eek!)

    i think i might post a new thread on this too. thank so much for your input!
  11. by   teckert1
    SushiRN - SO happy for you! What a great story!

    Can you explain what you did when you sent the emails? Did you just attach the CL and resume, or did you paste the CL in and send that directly to the DON?

    Did you add the DONs and PCDs as network connections on LinkedIn or just use that to verify names and positions?

    Did you use Monster or another job site to search for jobs?
  12. by   JMomBaby
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I found JUST the person I need with that Linkedin private profile trick Maybe now I can get a nice position and some nice, nice income to make me a HAPPY LADY!!!
    You iz evil genius *thumbsup*
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  13. by   ChicagoRN-BSN
    omg!!!! sorry it has taken me this long to respond.

    sushirn- doing the happy dance right along with you! congrats! sooo happy for you.

    kellp374- quit your stinking thinking!!! your luck is not up. first off, get a hardship deferment or forbearance agreement for that student loan. all is not a loss. i know my words may not sound helpful, but seriously i can't stress enough the "keep trying" speech. network...anyway that you can.

    kujumonster and newgradrn8- in situations like that, use your gut feeling on how to respond. if they were a random that was on the list of people to email, then dismiss it. but if not, respond back. if they say they don't know what you're talking about or talk to hr, then honesty is the best policy. let them know you're a stalker (in so many words). re-introduce yourself and state how you contacted them for the sole purpose of getting a better contact. ask who, actual names, to contact in hr and their information. sell, sell, sell yourself. and if they say they will forward your information. guess what??? call back....or email back. i was bold enough to tell a recruiter that they're unwilling to hire a new grad, yet they're holding on to a unfilled position that no experienced nurse would ever want. what sense did that make? she had no choice but to chuckle and agree with me. sometimes you've gotta throw some bravado around, within reason.

    [color=#8b4513]jobhuting- i did get your pm and responded. i am glad i could be of help to you! :d