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RN pursuing my dream of obtaining my BSN. On path to ontain my MSN. Its all to the glory of God who lightens my path.

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  1. Faith2012

    Texas Tech RN to BSN

    I'm still waiting and I applied months ago... how did you get your student email so fast. This is the only university that has no log on to see an update that I applied to.
  2. Faith2012

    Texas Tech RN to BSN Fall 2018

    I am still waiting for a reply as well...
  3. Faith2012

    TVCC 2018 ADN Program

    That's exactly what it is. Teach yourself!
  4. Faith2012

    Trinity valley fall of 2014 adn program

    has anyone started a fb group for those accepted into fall14?
  5. Faith2012

    Tvcc nursing 2013

    I made it in with 20 points this go round...congrats to others who made it in!!
  6. Faith2012

    Tvcc nursing 2013

    did you make it?
  7. Faith2012

    Teachers Becoming Nurses

    Any updates from those who left teaching to become a nurse??? How are you now if you finished nursing school?? Any regrets?? I am a nursing student thinking of going into teaching. Any and all advice would be appreciated!
  8. Faith2012

    TVCC Nursing Program 2012

    Cilee4, no TVCC changed their selection process regarding points. Starting Fall 2012, application period for 2013, the new point system will cap at 21. The previous cap was 13 points. You can gain additional points by taking and completing the "BSN" course, such as govt 2301 &02, hist 1302&02, art/humanities, stats, english 2 etc. By taking the additional classes and earning the points you make yourself more competitive for the program. Contact jballom for more info. He is the counselor for TVCC Kaufman.
  9. YAAAH, I made it in this fall!! Good luck
  10. Faith2012

    UTA Rn to BSN program

    Karrin I spoke with a UTA rep. It was explained that if you are partnered with a hospital FA is not available. On the flip side to that, partnered applicants have a "heads" up on non-partnered applications.
  11. Faith2012

    Anyone go to Trinity Valley in Kaufman, TX

    I have the same question...however, it is hard to find information. Can you inform me?
  12. Faith2012

    Brookhaven Fall 2012

    Wow that kind of mix up has to be scary...you have others personal information, grades and schools. I wonder how could that happen.
  13. I personally believe this is a professional website. Nursing is a PROFESSION and this website is for nursing and aspiring nurses. We should remain professional in communication, including grammar/spelling. Others read these post to learn from others. Venting is okay if done tactful. It appears anyone who agrees with or does not have a problem with the extra classes you lash out. El Centro and other COMMUNITY COLLEGES are making the change, not just TVCC. Overall the change is being made to better equip nurses, especially since nurses can cause life or death in their patients. This should be a good thing not frowned upon because after school comes the real world. People can be killed! Back on point, if TVCC is money hungry then so are the other schools. Its not about money but about hospitals and the health field wanting better nurses. It is not nice to throw around comments like racist. From what I can see those who have posted, including myself, have tried to help you realize the changes and the benefits it can provide. I can see the initial frustration but even when Helen, from TVCC, tried to explain the changes your response to her was kind of rude. If the changes are not what you want, then there are other "job" choices. Both Princess Mama and I referred to Bachelors degrees not Associate degrees when referring to the 7 additional classes. You failed to read properly what was said. I am not a TVCC rep, I am an aspiring nursing student. Social websites like facebook or myspace would probably better benefit you for what you are expecting to hear regarding the changes in the ADN programs. Toodles!
  14. I never thought about that. Maybe you are right :dance:
  15. and i quote: the extra classes are nothing more than your basics. regardless if you get a ba (correction=bachelors) in nursing or any other degree you would still need these courses. if you decide nursing is not for you and you want to do something else your lower level classes are complete. if you look at it from that pov maybe this would be easier to swallow. run-on sentence, [color=#ffa500]cap letter, spelling, [color=#daa520]punctuation, red-vs-blue=same thing