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I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February 15th. I had applied to a... Read More

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    How did you get the Nursing Annual Reports??

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    Hi Tokyorose,
    Your post really inspired me. It is refreshing to see that there is some hope out there, and kudos to you for not taking no for an answer. I will take heed to your advice...Can you PM me the letter you send to the DON. That would be really helpful..

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    thanks for the advice
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    Nursing Annual Reports were all published online. If the organization is large, chances are they would do the same. I did not have any luck of finding these reports with the smaller organizations.

    I've sent PMs to those who asked for my letter to DONs.
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    Hello great blog very informative, can I please see your letter. Thank you
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    Congrats on your new job. I loved this article; I am sharing it with others as I know it will benefit them!

    I was wondering if you could, when you have time, also send me the letter you sent to your DON? I am totally going to write one to the DON on the tele floor I am doing clinicals on. I just wanted to get a feel for what I should say or shouldn't say, lol.

    Thanks and if you have any other cool tips let us know
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    I also would like a copy of that letter, if you would be so kind. And CONGRATUALTIONS! Obviously you have the determination and tenacity to do well!
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    tokyorose, do you mind also pming me the email you sent to the DON? I would love to get a feel for what is the correct way to email someone about a position. thanks in advance and congratulations!
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    Fantastic post tokyoROSE. You are one person who goes through to get to. You are going to go far with the tenacity you have. You are a definite asset to the nursing profession. Congratulations!!!
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    Congratulations! That's a great story and you have to love sign on bonuses. I wish I would stumble across a job with a signing bonus. I thought they were just reserved for athletes, military personnel and stock brokers.

    Being honest is huge. When I'm interviewing people I can usually tell when they're making things up. We've been interviewing people for a new position over the last few weeks. You would be amazed at how many people told me they were employed but when I asked them when they could start three of the people told me immediately. I'm really surprised that people don't understand that most employers want you to give your current employer a least two weeks notice. If someone isn't going to give their employer two week's notice it immediately raises a red flag. It shows that they'll probably do the same thing to us at some point. Unless they are a stellar candidate, I discount them right away.

    Oh yeah, one more thing...When my neighbor was looking for a job she actually took an online job search course. She said it helped her immensely.

    Congratulations again for finding your job. It sounds pretty cool.
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