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Everyday, Newspaper talk about nursing shortage. But some nurses in the certain areas can't even get a job quickly or under paid. I wonder where is the shortage at? I want get a good summary to help... Read More

  1. by   shauna1979RN
    Iowa is another state that seems oversaturated with nurses. 8 years ago when I was going for my first nursing job, it was so easy, so many options. However, shortly after I graduated, several more nursing programs opened up which quadrupled the number of nurses graduating each semester. So every three to four months, finding employment becomes more and more difficult. Even in the bigger cities, which I have lived in all of them! So I would really like to know where, other than Arizona, this "nursing shortage" is. I'm having a hard time even finding weekend work!
  2. by   lucky3773
    Quote from John123
    Anyone from Utah,NC, NM, Seattle?
    I'm finishing up RN program in 2 months. From what I'm seeing in all of the hospitals, is Utah is over flooded with RNs. There are a ton of hiring freezes within hospitals and very few actual postings on openings with hundreds to sometimes thousands of qualified RNs applying for each position. This is not a good state to move to if you're planning on relocating for a RN job. I'm planning on relocating out of this state as soon as I graduate.
  3. by   diva rn
    Quote from galenanurse2b
    Our teachers tell us that Florids and the southwest has alot of opportunities for new nurses.
    NOT true...South east Florida the job market is very tight. I don't know about the north part of the state or the west coast...the nursing schools are turning out new grads faster than ever and way too many for the number of available positions. You see positions posted but that's b/c the hospitals have to keep a certain number of doesn't mean they are hiring. Again that is the game the hospitals play.

    BTW....these small for profit nursing schools have to stop fueling this "nursing shortage" propagana and continue to lure in these unsuspecting souls and turn them out in record numbers..after charging them an arm and a leg for school...and telling them that the hospitals will be lining up for them at graduation and begging them to work for them..meanwhile...months job.
    For example, 10 years ago, in the county I live in, there were 2 nursing there are 8..... Gee the math...with the economy so poor and fewer nurses retiring and all of these new nurses entering into the equasion....this equals NO NURSING SHORTAGE in South Florida
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  4. by   dream'n
    Don't know about Tucson, but the Phoenix-area does not have many job openings.
  5. by   CP1983
    I am so curious, the responses that I read were from 2008 except the last two to three responses. I am curius about the job market for all states. I am open to relocation. Will be graduating next year. I am NY and I believe the "nursing shrotage" is BS. Excuse my attitude, but like everyone stated, the hsopitals have to show that they are recruiting but they usually are not hiring or they hire internally. It didn't take my HR experiece to notice this but ti definitely shined a "light" on why hospitals place unecessary hiring ads...
  6. by   nrsang97
    Quote from leslie :-D

    there's still a shortage.

    the few articles i skimmed, indicated NOT a shortage of nurses, but a shortage of nurses willing to work in current conditions.


    I think it is the same here in Michigan.
  7. by   ChristineN
    No one here has mentioned the DC metro area. I have found it to be one of the areas in the Eastern coast with a decent amount of nursing openings. Many of the hospitals around here are unionized which drives the salaries up.
  8. by   vegasmomma
    Vegas is the same way, masses of new nurses spilling out into a dead economy.

    I would search "RN new grad" at or similar site but don't put in a specific city...I did this and it seems TX and midwest cities have new grad hiring.
  9. by   diva rn
    I think the proper question on this thread should be: which state has the least number of nurses flooded in their market...?

    As you can see from the majority of the answers so far on this thread (and if you search the dozens of other similar posts in related threads) it becomes clear that there is no longer a national nursing shortage.
    There is thread after thread about new grads that can't get hired...again...the question is..not where is the shortage...but where is the smallest overload, or the greatest chance of getting a job.
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  10. by   LPNnowRN
    Not Northwest Wisconsin--boatloads of new grads and very few jobs.
  11. by   kalevra
    Quote from NickiLaughs
    California's shortage is pretty big, there's always tons of ads and billboards on the freeways of different hospitals offering all these bonuses. LVN's have a lot of opportunities if they're willing to search a bit.

    Where? Because there are some RN new grads that would love to know. To my knowledge California new grads are having one hell of a time getting an interview nevertheless a job in acute care.
  12. by   KateRN1
    FYI--north Florida sucks, don't even bother.
  13. by   BonnieSc
    Quote from kalevra
    Where? Because there are some RN new grads that would love to know. To my knowledge California new grads are having one hell of a time getting an interview nevertheless a job in acute care.
    That post was from three years ago.