Working nights, tons of work meetings scheduled during my sleep hours? - page 3

I am so exhausted. I get like 5 hours of sleep tops. They forced me on nights now I gotta come in at 7, at 9, to go to meetings and stuff when I am normally asleep. What can I do? I already get no sleep with this schedule and am... Read More

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    My facility schedules staff meetings at 0730 to accommodate for night shift and then again at 1500 and have them over a span of three days. The meetings usually last an hour, which is doable, imo. Sometimes they last longer. That is better than when we still had our old director - it wasn't uncommon to have a staff meeting that lasted FOUR HOURS - imagine going to that after working or if you had to work that night! A lot of night shifters would start trickling out after 90 minutes, but I always felt rude for just walking out so I would stay there :/ And of course those meetings were ALWAYS mandatory.

    Now, they're not necessarily mandatory but during your yearly evaluation they see how many staff meetings you have attended.

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