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feb 28 by jlog.j feb 28 by jlog.j a member since feb '12. posts: 4 likes: 1 the hospital i work for is wanting to get er admits to the floor within 30 minutes of a room... Read More

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    Quote from LynnLRN
    I feel like this is coming from the "obama healthcare reform" with all the hcaps and financial rewards to hospitals based on certain dashboards and patient satisfaction. They are monitoring ER waiting times and the time it takes from being seen in the ER, being changed to an inpt and after that how long it takes the ER to get the pt the floor.
    Development of HCAHPS, or patient experience based reimbursement, was started in 2002 and first rolled out for use on 2006. It's part of the HITECH Act, not "Obamacare", which was introduced in Congress before Obama was even President.
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    I could see how EMR could help in situations like this. All of the MD orders should be in there, as well as xrays and labs.

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