Eliminating charge Nurse position

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    Is it legal to eliminate the charge nurse position? It was done in our hospital! Where is the law? Can't find BNE's position on subject! Still looking if anyone knows send link!! Muchos Gracias!!

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    Why would it be illegal?
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    I have never heard of that, that's interesting. I wonder if this has been ever tried at other hospitals. So who makes patient assignments at beginning of shift and with new admits?
    I don't think it's illegal, but probably unsafe, unless you have some other system going on. Our charge nurses make sure that all fall precautions are in place, all discharges get discharged, all core measure patients get what they need, and they round on all patients. Who would take that role on?
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    We have always gotten 2gether & discussed what is going on w/Pts. It takes about 5min no one fights we get along. The problem the pay was raised 2 $2.50/h & we've had a raise freeze & lost out weekend differential. The charge pay was rotated & it helped some. Occasionally, we have had issues where a floor nurse floats 2 our unit & designated charge felt responsible 4 the safety, of those patients but now who is responsible?
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    What law would this change be breaking?
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    I don't think this breaks any laws, but it is a terrible idea. Another loss made due to "cost cutting". Good luck to you.
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    OH NO - not again. This brilliant (sarcasm) idea comes around every once in a while - promoted by the bean counters to reduce the labor budget. The "self-directed work team" was last promoted heavily in the mid '90's... and chaos ensued. See- that's what you need us old bats for, we remember this stuff - and can give you a pretty accurate prediction of what is going to happen afterward because we have seen it a few times.

    I readily acknowledge that 'self-directed teams' can work if all members are at the same peer level (everyone equally competent) but this is rarely the case in most clinical areas where there are always wide variations in expertise and ability. In these instances, the group just looks to an 'unofficial' charge person for leadership, and that's just unfair to the poor sucker that gets stuck with that role.

    The 'charge' nurse role is essential because without a leader, a group is basically a mob - every nurse for him/herself. Someone has to be the tie-breaker, the physician calmer-downer, the 'no, we can't take another admission for at least 2 hours' person, the yell at CS because we are out of stuff person, . . . . etc.
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    Quote from lilredmc
    Is it legal to eliminate the charge nurse position? It was done in our hospital! Where is the law? Can't find BNE's position on subject! Still looking if anyone knows send link!! Muchos Gracias!!
    I'm doubtful that there IS a law about this. 49 states don't have laws regarding nurseatient ratios, why would there be a law about the presence or absence of a charge nurse?

    During my 5 years in acute care, the charge nurse role was changed considerably. Charge used to not take an assignment and used to be paid a charge differential. Those positions were completely reversed in the last few years- first the differential was eliminated and then they started giving charge full assignments.
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    I am a charge nurse on a med-surg floor and more often than not I have to take a full group of patients in addition to performing the duties of charge nurse. The powers that be keep coming up with more "tasks" for the charge nurse to perform so having a group of patients and doing charge can spread me pretty thin. I do make a little more on the hour than staff nurses but I'm wondering if it's even worth it.
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    Like jmll1765 our charge nurse is more often than not in full count. They try to take generic patients so they still have time to do the admin stuff and room audits. I can't imagine what I would do without a charge nurse! Especially when a difficult family needs extra support or intervention.

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