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why this interview question???

  1. 0 Im a new grad and at the end of my first interview I was asked "what is your favorite tv show?" is this a random question...what are they looking for here?
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    My guess is it could tell a little about personality and values, but also to take some pressure off both of ya as im sure most new grads are nervous as can be
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    LOL, I would be in trouble, I don't have a TV to watch....
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    Morte, you probably answered the question correctly!
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    I, too, was asked this question during an interview! I didn't think much of it at the time; I had assumed the nice lady was just making small talk. It turns out that, like me, the interviewer is addicted to Dateline: Real Life Mysteries. We must have sat and talked about various episodes for at least half an hour. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and thought the rest of the interview went very well. I got the offer.
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    I wouldn't answer "Hannibal" or "Dexter," if you get my drift.
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    Would it be bad that I'd say Pretty Little Liars? Haha.
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    well heh I said Big Bang Theory and Walking Dead!!