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  1. 4_Sq

    Post call compensation for OR nurses

    Canadian OR nurse 1.5 x for 1sr 2 hours of call back after a regular shift, then 2.0 x regular rate of pay for on call hours worked after that Must have 8.0 consecutive hours off before next shift Employee is NOT deducted hours from his/her banked time ever If employee is on call and is not called pay is only around $3.25 hr for the on call time Stat holiday call 3.0 x regular rate of pay for all call back hours worked Super Stats 3.75 times regular pay rate eg: worked 2 hours on super stat Reg pay 45 hour x 3.75 = 168.75 x2hours = call back pay of 337,5 dollars for the 2 hours Canada has higher tax rates but it sounds like we are a bit easier on our OR nurses?
  2. 4_Sq

    April 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Hope none of them will be there for my colonoscopy this afternoon.
  3. 4_Sq

    My First 12 Hour Clinical Day

    Is your glass half full or half empty?
  4. I am an RN working in a the OR. I respect and admire nurses that work in the ER. My question to all of you Emerg nurses out there. How must we go about retaining and recruiting nurses for the Emergency nursing specialty? BC Canada has a ton of vacancies in ER nursing right now. Just asking... emergency nurses.. are the best! 4_Sq
  5. 4_Sq

    Are there work opportunities for LPN's in Canada?

    I agree that there are more opportunities for Canadian trained nurses, and for RN's, however, according to the stats there is going to be a huge number of nurses retiring in the next few years I looked at the Interior health LPN postings and there are about 10 casual positions at present A person must hold a practising LPN license to work in Canada Good Luck to your entire family! If there is a will, there is a Way! 4_Sq
  6. 4_Sq

    Where do i start?

    HI Syalissa, do you mean the operating room or, do you mean a surgical nurse on the post operative floor? I would say if it is the operating room you are interested in, you will be able to find a load of resources on line that will help you do some self study during your RN training. If I were you, I would try to gain as much experience as I could when I was a student. In the OR, we welcome students and I can say, encourage students to think about a career in operating room nursing. The more interest you show, and the more determined you are, the more likely you will be to choose the path you go in the field of nursing.. I wish you success in your future career. 4_Sq
  7. 4_Sq

    Malignant hyperthermia education

    I would be tempted to use the MHAUS as my 1st resource. Hopefully they would be able to give you the most current data, algorithms, charts, etc. In our OR we follow the protocol for MH and update according to our anesthetists input. We have all the usuals in the cart, Dantrium, Sterile water for mixing, insulin, chlorpromazine, and so on. We have ice in our fridges and also an ice machine. We still have a " clean machine" however, I think they would just run O2 at 100% should we have an MH event. We do not have a regular inservice on MH but we do have a monthly check of our MH cart for outdates etc. We have a specialty syringe set for rapid mixing of the dantrium. There is the help line for MH, phone number listed as well as a run down of the steps to take. I believe tachycardia is one of the 1st indicators for MH Good luck!
  8. You sound like the perfect candidate for the job! So this OR nurse is cheering for you!
  9. This essay is so difficult for me to write because I am very "to the point" and cannot write an entire essay on why I want to be an OR nurse. Honestly, I can sum it up in two sentence: I excel in work that is technically demanding and requires a precise knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. I prefer an environment that requires teamwork, stamina, quick-thinking, and interpersonal skills. I think that you captured some of the reasons why you want to work in the OR right here in your first statement you made about how you excel in work that is technically demanding and so on and so on.. you captured in a nutshell the essence of why you are wanting to become an OR nurse. I bet you will do well in your essay, and I bet you will be one fantastic OR nurse! Good Luck
  10. 4_Sq

    I want to work in the OR

    Congrats, I hope you are liking your new job!
  11. 4_Sq

    Placing ureteral stents

    A foley is not used to insert a ureteric stent. A stent is placed in the ureter over a guide wire, the stent placement and the procedure is done using xray The stent is used to keep the ureter patent. A stent is much stiffer and is of a much smaller diameter than a foley catheter, it is usually around 5 fr in diameter and approx 26cm long. And Sweet_Wild_Rose is correct, a ureteroscope is used to visualize the ureter during the surgery Stents can be removed by the Urologist in the office (if the threads are left on) Often times the patient will be brought back to the OR for stent replacement or removal. A stent is often placed following laser lithotripsy, and or stone basket extraction, and helps the healing process to take place following removal of a ureteric calculi The foley catheter goes through the urethra into the bladder, & has nothing to do with the ureteric stent. As far as a "leaky foley" goes, that foley should have been replaced.
  12. 4_Sq

    Finally got an interview

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.. best of luck!
  13. 4_Sq

    How to get a position in the O.R.

    I am speaking only as a Canadian nurse, and yes, I have worked with nurses in the OR who had a background in psychiatry 1st before they took the OR post grad nursing courses. Med Surg is quite different from working in the OR.. and, as I said, I think that each area of nursing is a specialty unto itself.. If there is a will, there is a way! In my opinion, Med Surg is not required to be a good OR nurse.
  14. 4_Sq

    Fairly Unique Situation

    Looking at today's job market.. would not even consider not going for the BSN. BSN will allow you to compete for the best jobs. Just my 2 cents!
  15. 4_Sq

    Need Some Encouragement

    michele742 you are right, and I am willing to bet you will be hired before long! Best of Luck!
  16. 4_Sq

    Need Some Encouragement

    I am wishing you luck, sometimes hiring decisions take more than a week!