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What kind of animal are you?

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    Interviewers are using weird, wonderful and off the wall questions during interviews. These include what kind of animal are you? What kind of fruit and even what kind of cereal. So what kind of animal would you be and why? So in preparation for your next interview, don't worry about clinical issues think about some weird and wonderful question you may be asked.

    What kind of animal are you?

    In an Interview recently, I was asked a strange question, "If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be?"

    Initially I laughed out loud as I thought it was a trick question or a joke but it was a serious question.

    My answer surprised them; they said they had never heard that answer before.

    My answer was 'I would be a chicken' and my rationale was that there is a pecking order, but they look after each other and work together as a team, they fight over the scraps but protect each other, they work out a strategy to negotiate difficult situations and they are productive.

    We could learn a lot by watching animals who often work together as a team. To me, there is a pecking order in health care. We often fight over things. And, if we are a good team, we look after each other. We are productive and have usefulness in life.

    Do we always work together as a team? No.

    We need a leader to bring things back into focus. Often we resent the leader and don't understand why we have to change what we are doing. So we push back and become nonproductive. In the animal world, we would be excommunicated or killed. In the real world, we are disciplined or fired.

    So after the interview I researched the question on the internet and found that interviewers are now using this scenario to decide if you are suitable for a position.

    Really! So if I had said Lion, Tiger, Bull or various other strong killers it would be better.

    Apparently there are no right or wrong answers, interviewers just want to see how you react under pressure.

    I don't know about you but I think it is kind of crazy to compare yourself to an animal

    Sometimes I shake my head at the interview process because we never get it right.

    Somebody who is strong, clever and can say all the right things is considered the ideal candidate for a job, yet I believe we can prepare ourselves so well we can talk ourselves into a job, but it is not the right job for that person.

    There appears to be so many strategies out there, so many complicated secret ways in interviewing, I think we get lost along the way.

    So did I get the job with my 'clever' answer, no I did not. Maybe it was a good thing as I do not really want to run round like a "headless chicken".

    So my question to you, "what kind of animal are you and why?

    On a more serious note if I was asked what kind of cereal are you? Before I walked out I would have to say 'FRUIT LOOPS"
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    Hum, first of all... I had thought for sure you got the job! Your response was awesome!
    OMG, that is a strange question to say the least!
    As for me, I would of said; a Horse. Lol...
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    Cat. I have always loved them. They don't need to be king of the jungle like a lion. They are independent. They care for themselves for the most part. And they come to you when they need something. I have also seen my cats fight the dog and not be afraid to say back up and give me space. I am impressed that they weren't scared of the big dog and knew when to say I need you to take a seat right now. Very much my personality. So I'd be a cat.

    Cereal-honey nut cheerios. Sweet and good for you.
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    I would be a turtle. I know its silly bu I love the water and they just seem peaceful. Lay in the sun all day and swimm whenever. Sounds good to me. Cereal I would be rice krispie cause they never shut up and can be used for lots of stuff aside from tehir main purpose
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    I would have said . . . . I wouldn't choose to be an animal.

    Probably wouldn't have gotten the job then because I didn't play along with the game.
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I would have said . . . . I wouldn't choose to be an animal.

    Probably wouldn't have gotten the job then because I didn't play along with the game.
    I played along and still didn't get it so maybe you would have stood a chance!

    I can only imagine what my face said when they asked me!
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    Quote from madwife2002
    I played along and still didn't get it so maybe you would have stood a chance!

    I can only imagine what my face said when they asked me!
    Not a poker player, eh?
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    If I would have asked that question of my candidates I would probably have fired myself...

    Putting myself if your position, though, I wonder what they would have thought when I would have replied, "jackass."
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    ]Hmmmmmm....let's see.....If I were an animal which would I be?

    Well, I suppose that would be contingent upon whether or not you wish the animal to be one that exists today.

    For the sake of argument, let's run both scenarios.

    The first I shall post now. The second shall follow when I am done with work.

    Still alive:

    I would be a hippo.

    Sure, you laugh now. But that is because you are put at ease by my rotund body, rounded eyes which gleam in the African sunlight as I lazily flick beads of river water from my leaflet ears. I seem harmless. Happily submerged beneath the lapping river, occasionally allowing tiny birds to tickle my ears or even climb into my mouth to forage for a snack, there is no way I could ever harm.

    But you are fooled. Blinded. Ensnared in your plague of self-indulgent comfort, you snap my picture and "oooo" and "aaaaah" at my seemingly placid being.

    You are blinded to the fact I have been around since long before you were even a twinkle of existance. You are deaf to my warning snorts and snuffling, all warning signs that mobilization would be ideal...especially as I can easily outrun you on land when properly motivated and my explosive energy in my native element makes me one to note. You are blissfully ignorant of the six inches of skin that blanket my body, essentially turning me into a plushy, glistening, stumpy tailed tank.

    As I yawn, which many take as an indication that a nap is a much needed thing, most fail to recognize the posturing for what it is: The threat. The promise.

    And just like that, my jaw unhinges, snapping 20 inch incisors down with over 8100 N of force, crushing bone, dismembering, neutralizing.

    And then I sink beneath the lapping waves, again toying the water with a playful, trilling ear. Placid. Quiet.


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    I am a human animal and would have answered that way...not much fun, but honest.
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    Funny question and you handled it well.

    It reminded me of a new neurologist, while completing a mini-mental test, asking one of the stroke patients to act like a chicken. She cuts her eyes to me and asked, "Is this a trick question?"

    I decided to help the patient out. "Could you be more specific?" I asked him.

    He jumped up from the chair, put his fists in his arm pits, and then he quacked like a duck. I'm not kidding, he quacked.

    OP-I think they were looking for strength animals like work horse, loyal, but long suffering dogs that take abuse and wag their tails etc.
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Not a poker player, eh?
    No i wear my heart on my sleeve lol
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    OP-I think they were looking for strength animals like work horse, loyal, but long suffering dogs that take abuse and wag their tails etc.[/QUOTE]

    Good one, too funny