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So my first nursing job is at a rehab facility/nursing home and it's an hour away from where I live.. however the shifts are beautiful 12 hr/3 days a week I get decent pay but management is awful... pointing fingers, playing... Read More

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    I'd take the part time if they offer it -- and try to make up the hours by volunteering for extra shifts, working a few shifts for your current employer, working for an agency, etc. But be sure to maintain health insurance somewhere.

    When asked at the interview, say something like, "I am very interested in either a part time or full time position at this facility. In the long run, I would prefer to work full time ... but I'd be willling to accept a part time position."

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    Unless you need the full time benefits, I hope you will get to take the part time job where you want to work, closer to your home. Without even knowing where it is I can almost guarantee you that you can pick up extra shifts if you just need the extra hours and not the bennies.

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