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I hope nobody takes offense to this question because I certainly don't mean it in any negative way. I am just wondering why so many nurses from the Philippines are coming to Canada and the USA? I always thought the... Read More

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    you'll have to post the methodology used by that scam company you posted called "globalenglish corporation" before i'm convinced. what the heck is global english anyway? yes, i'm also filipino, albeit now a citizen of the us...there are many things that make me proud of my filipino heritage, one of which is our beautiful native languages, art, poetry, and traditional music. our attempts to mimic american style english and failing miserably at it is embarrassing to me.

    "i guess what they say about going abroad is likely to be true as well"

    what are you implying with that sentence? you hardly know me. i've been involved in hiring decisions in my work and i don't look at race in making a choice on the best candidate. i've been involved in events with charitable causes for the filipino community here in the us as well.
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    Someone touched on it earlier...special visa privliges are afforded the nurses from PI. In fact a bill to make it even easier for the PI nurses to come to America due to the so called "nursing shortage" just passed in congress. Where I've worked the PI nurses outnumber everyone else. I can see how the OP would ask the question since everywhere you go it seems there are Filipino nurses. My only beef is when they refuse to speak English during report and in front of non-PI patients (that goes for anybody and any race). I've written up a few PI nurse for just that but usually we all get along.
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    Have said this before and am here saying it again for God and the world to hear. *LOL*

    One of the main reasons why nurses, teachers, and other professional workers deemed in "short supply" arrive on US shores from the Philippines has to do with overall United States immigration policy.

    Before changes made during the 1960's and so forth including those sponsored by the late senator Kennedy to make immigration based upon mainly family instead of quotas, a large percentage of nurses as well as others came from the UK and EU countries. Many felt this was discriminatory as it favoured mainly persons of "white" heritage/background.

    When the laws/rules were changed facilities had to look elsewhere for nurses. The Philippines became a logical choice for several reasons mainly owing to it's status in relationship to the United States post WWII. This also meant you had a large population of English speaking persons, which is one of the requirements for those seeking to immigrate to the US.
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    OK guys, can we please keep to topic and NO PERSONAL ATTACKS
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