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  1. Throwing an idea out there.

    To be licensed in Arizona the clinicals must be completed after CPNE and before graduation. It's part of your transcripts just like Oklahoma. The others won't show up on your transcripts
  2. Starting EC in 2015

    She works at a military hospital currently. So maybe they will hire her as a RN once she's finished.
  3. Arizona Excelsior Grads & Students

    Thank you for thinking of me. Excelsior already gave me a list of hospitals along with the breakdown of clinical hours in which areas of nursing. They were very cooperative. If any of the Arizona graduates are on here I would love to hear from them...
  4. Did anybody find any schools? There are refresher courses that do offer in OB but it's not a semester long. The CA BRN is miserable. They were under scrutiny a few years back regarding other issues.
  5. Educational requirements not met

    They lead you on a wild goose chase to nowhere. All they want is your money and then then will tell you no.
  6. Arizona Excelsior Grads & Students

    Is there anybody out there who is a grad of Excelsior College ADN program or anybody a current student. Please PM me. Thanks a bunch
  7. Starting AAS in nursing in jan 15

    Welcome!!!!!! Best of luck
  8. Educational requirements not met

    That's CA for you! They are a pain in the ass when it comes to endorsement. Ask them to give you "within reason" options to remedy the deficiency. They have authority to regulate CA nursing school but DO NOT have the authority to regulate out of s...
  9. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    No I live in the Bay Area
  10. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    We weren't allowed to use anything on our phones for clinicals. They had us learn them the old fashioned way. We had to memorize them. It's time consuming but definitely worth it. I also recommend getting medscape on your phone because it's simpl...
  11. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    You will get a list of drugs while in nursing school. But you can get a head start by purchasing a hard copy of a drug book and looking for a list of the most commonly used drugs. My drug book was Mosbys and it had a list inside. You can also do a...
  12. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    As far as knowing all the drugs YES! the drugs that you go over in class and also the ones that you come across in nursing school. I wish someone would have told me to do that before I started school. That would have saved me countless hours of fl...
  13. Question From Facebook Member

    I read a question on the facebook group and was hoping someone had an answer. One of the students posted a question (can't remember which Excelsior group) that if a hospital offers an internship can she take it as an Excelsior student. She didn't s...
  14. For the content guides, how deep into each item should I go?

    Thanks for the advise CrisRicci. I am studying reproductive right now. I think it's too much information because I tend to over analyze things and assume the worse. I like how SG101 breaks the courses down into sections. I have been doing practice...
  15. For the content guides, how deep into each item should I go?

    I am using SG101 but there is just too much information. I made flash cards too and use them but I wanna prepare myself good before I take the reproductive exam.