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  1. I’m considering making a switch into psych nursing and just wondering you anyone could kindly give me an overview of what a typical shift looks like on a acute inpatient psychiatric unit? I currently work on a secured dementia care unit and have 11 years experience in dementia care, community nursing and acute pulmonary. But I’ve never worked psych even though I’ve always been interested in it. What would be my typical duties? Are acute medical skills involved too?
  2. lilaclover

    Are there Rn jobs in Edmonton/Calgary? 2016

    I don't know about the RN situation, but there are ZERO LPN jobs here in calgary. I have 8 years of experience and recently lost my position at a private clinic due to the oil crisis. I've been applying to every single thing that comes up for months ( AHS, every LTC place, clinics etc) and nothing. Not even a call back.
  3. lilaclover

    Resume and Cover Letter Help... Please

    Not sure where in Alberta you are but I'm in Calgary and have 8 years of experience. I've applied to about 50 jobs over the last couple months with no responses either. The job market is horrible right now:(
  4. lilaclover

    Calgary Job Situation

    Oh man it's BRUTAL right now. I feel bad for any new grads because it's got to be next to impossible to find anything. Im just about to come off mat leave and will not be returning to my clinic job because they can't guarantee the same hours month to month and change the schedule based on what the doctors are working. Anyway I have 8 years of LPN experience in acute, community, ltc , have phlebotomy and immunization certifications and have started applying to anything and everything. I can't find anything either, not even a response..I'm thinking I might have to get a job in retail or something.
  5. lilaclover

    Calgary or Edmonton?

    I moved to Calgary from BC about a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it here! I am single and had absolutely no problem meeting friends. I actually find the people of Calgary to be very friendly. I have only been to Edmonton a handfull of times but I found it very dull. Calgary has a lot more to do in my opinion. The night life is fun, lots of awesome biking trails, tons of festivals, stampede, concerts, and Banff is only a short drive away! Its really great to be able to get out to the mountains on the weekends. There are several major hospitals here and all of them very nice in my opinion. There are a lot of postings for both LPN's and RN's, especially now with the new hospital opening. Maybe you could visit both cities and make a decision? I think if you did so you would choose Calgary for sure :) Especially if you are from Toronto. I lived in Vancouver the past 3 years before moving here and so I enjoy the urban lifestyle and to choosing Calgary over Edmonton was a easy choice once I had seen both cities. Calgary won hands down.
  6. lilaclover

    AUPE - LPN Contract is Up

    However I must add that I for one certainly don't want to be working any OT :zzzzz hahaha
  7. lilaclover

    AUPE - LPN Contract is Up

    I'm interested to see what happens as well. Really hoping we see the wage increase we deserve that reflects our scope here in Alberta.
  8. Hey guys, sorry I've been away from allnurses.com for a while for various reasons I won't get into right now. But I just decided to check back in today and saw that this thread was active again. Just figured I'd let you know that I found a full-time job with AHS at Foothills hospital and am loving it!! LPN's here in Alberta are given much more responsibility and respect here in Alberta compared to BC and certainly compared to NB. Foothills hospital has proven to be a great place to work and I look forward to spending many more years there :) Good luck to any of you looking for jobs in Calgary. There is definitely a lot of opportunity here, shouldn't be hard to find a job.
  9. lilaclover

    Pct refused delegation

    Seriously though, it just makes me so mad. When you have care aides like this I would just as soon not have them there at all. This lady does absolutely nothing and I mean it. I have worked with some amazing care aides at my previous job and always appreciated them immensely however at this place they all seem to have this contempt for the nurses and don't want to lift a finger. The same lady and her co-worker were on again the next night and I had a very confused pt trying to climb out of bed that was placed in the hallway (he can't stand) and I had just arrived on shift. I had been given an admission the min I walked in and had 2 other pts on heparin drip and having PTT's done. Meanwhile this pt. will not stop climbing out of bed and the care aides are just moseying around wiping down counters and looking at me. Won't even offer to help. I asked this lady if she could watch him for a few mins so I could go do my assessments and she sort of groans and stand by him . But when I look out his legs are flung over the side rails and she isn't doing a thing just sitting there playing a game on the computer next to him. Seriously I'd rather they weren't there at all. Its more work just trying to delegate and manage these people that just to do it myself.
  10. lilaclover

    Pct refused delegation

    Funny, I just had this exact situation happen to me last week. I am new on a busy Med/Surg unit and was in a ward room hanging an IV med for one pet and having some pump difficulties. While I was in the room dealing with the IV and the pt(who had just been admitted right before the start of my shift) 2 of the other pt's in the room both rang their call bells to go to the bathroom. The Care aide came strolling in and spoke with one pt. and when she found out that she had a colostomy that needed emptying as well said " Your nurse in in here she will do that", "Care aides aren't allowed to do that" and started to walk away. The pt. yelled after "but I have to go pee too" the care aide pretended she didn't hear and started to walk out. I told her do you mind helping that pt. to her bedside commode and the care aide groaned but helped her. Meanwhile my pt. with the IV is getting nauseated so I am trying to help him. Care aide puts the first pt on the commode and starts to walk out again while the pt. in the bed directly beside her says " could you please help me to the washroom too" Care aide ignores her! The pt. repeats herself practically yelling and the care aide pretends she doesn't hear. I am at the bed beside them and tell her. Can you just help ___ pt to the washroom too. She just needs help with her IV pole. So she groans and does it. The previous day that I worked the other care aide I was working with emptied the colostomy no questions asked. I didn't even have to delegate it to her she just emptied it and reported the output to me. I am new to this province so wasn't sure if things were different here... but where I lived previously in BC care aides emptied these all the time with no problem.
  11. I do initial admitting assessments all the time
  12. Copy and pasted directly from the Alberta LPN competency profile : A Licensed Practical Nurse will: S-2-2 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide full health assessment of the client including, but not limited to: (See Competency Band B)  admission of client to clinic  determine reason for visit  prioritizing care  collect assessment data  prepare client for physician examination  collect and send specimens  follow clinic protocol and routines  document and report findings If you would like to read the whole profile here it is: http://www.clpna.com/Portals/0/Files/doc_AB_LPN_Competency_Profile_2nd%20Edition.pdf
  13. I live and work in Canada as a LPN and we most certainly do assessments!!! I work on a very acute hospital unit and have sole responsibly for 4 -5 pt's on a day shift. If I am not responsible for assessments then that means my pt's must not be getting assessed. haha.
  14. WHOAAAA!!!! Better do your homework before posting such a claim. I am not even going to comment any further than this because anything I say from here on in will not be nice. Fellow LPN's care to comment?
  15. lilaclover

    Does this job sound like a scam?

    This DEFIANTLY a scam!!! I responded to an apartment on on Craigslist once and there response email had very similar wording. Apparantly these people have a whole pile of different scams going on.