USA, Ireland, Uk, australia, Mid east or asian countries? where do you prefer? - page 7

hello people! just wanting to have a survey on which countries nurses from philippines prefer to work. tell me your reasons...... tah! maria :D... Read More

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    US is my first choice. My second is Australia.
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    I am still for Australia and next is Canada... USA have to be a far 3rd after retrogression in the Philippines went further back to 2003...

    Though for vacation i still love going to USA... specially now there are a lot of things on sale... will be making a trip next month...
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    Canada! -- nothing follows --
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    first option:
    i would love to work and live in Au, the pay may not be as great like US but i could easily bring my kids with me, & give them a better future
    second option:
    US, why? my in laws live there, it would be easy for me to focus on my work, they'll love babysitting the kids
    third option:
    philippines!!! it's truly humbling to work with the less priviledged, sets your feet back to the ground...makes being a nurse worthwhile.
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