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chx_rn has 5 years experience and specializes in med-surg,icu,geriatrics.

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  1. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    Hi Spicynoodles! Been long time..anyway, I didnt need a AHPRA registration without it...hth.
  2. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    **That's why documents needs to be assessed still....hopefully it'l be waived since we all submitted to the same the same time... who would still be up to the boards.
  3. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    This is the exact clause: The Competency Based Assessment Program may be waived for: Nurses who have completed recognised program and have gained initial registration in the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America,...
  4. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    Hi there! We nurses here dont need to undergo BP anymore since our license here in Ireland is credited..we just need to get registered..even if you are Filipino because we did undergo BP when we qualify here and it is the same BP as what you are goin...
  5. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    Yes I am Filipino and been working in Ireland as a nirse for 5 years now..just weigh your options and consider how long you have been practicing as a nurse..if your experience is suitable then you wouldnt have any problems..or better yet ring them to...
  6. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    I am planning to after I get my registration sorted you can see in the website there are 2 options there, 1 for full assessment which is used by applicants without AHPRA registration and the other one Mod. Assessment used by those who have a...
  7. Subclass Visa 176 for Australia

    This is the website for ANMAC... Just read on becaus eas what I have understood even if without an RN license you can apply for ANMAC full assessment..this is the only certification that DIAC will ask of you...if you ar appro...
  8. thanks joiemike.. I already have an irish nursing license so I really dont know also if I will still need to do the BP since a lot of the nurses here be it Filipino, Indian etc.. they didnt go about it anymore since our BP here is credited in Austral...
  9. Hello everyone! I d like to know who among you here lodged your Ahpra app to VIC, and the time frame for your app's assessment, thanks...
  10. hi! id like to know if which Aphra office I will send my app? I think I have read somewhere in this thread before that WA processes faster than Sydney..Im just not too sure if im right...thanks.
  11. and one more thingdo i need to submit employment cert from all the employers iv been with? or just for the past 5 yrs?
  12. Hello and good day to all! Just like to know if u guys have any idea if one will still undergo the bridging course even if i am working here in Ireland for 4 years now? I am in the process of collecting all the necessary requirements for APRHA.. than...
  13. Pearsonvue Trick Is this TRUE? Does it work every time?

    count me in is my results and i passed
  14. Pearsonvue Trick Is this TRUE? Does it work every time?

    Just take it easy..dont study anymore 2 days b4 the exam to refresh your mind..
  15. Pearsonvue Trick Is this TRUE? Does it work every time?

    I think the directions are on the first part of this thread..its the cc page you need to check on..not the money order. Congrats for passing..but the trick is real.