which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN? - page 3

ive been trying to search this site for recommendations of a good grad school but to no avail.. so im posting this thread. :D these are my questions: 1. what grad school can you recommend? 2. how much will be the tuition... Read More

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    thanks ledzil! i might call up the school after i take some exams.

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    How about the online MAN at PWU and Lorma? If cost is important, nothing beats PLM. Don't touch the Philippine College of Health Sciences with a ten foot pole. They churn out MAN's faster than sewage spewing out into the Pasig River. LOL! I've also read about this 7 or 8 month MAN program offered by World Citi College. And I thought FEU's 14 month fast track post grad program was quick !
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    I'm considering PLM and FEU.. guys any suggestions which schools is the best who offers Master's Degree in NUrsing? I'm considering the fee also..Please advise me..Thanks a LOt!
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    hi chameng! is UPOU strict with the "one year work experience in hospital" thing? do they have a GWA/NLE rating requirement? entrance exam? TIA
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    arjay_gimikero --- pls share some info on the TUA entrance exam? is it mainly on nursing knowledge or gen info? have you started ur classes for MAN? how is it? TIA
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    Quote from arjay_gimikero
    sure thang!!!:spin: the only think is, im not so sure how to send those file using this site?? but yeah, most of them are in word format. there are couple of pdf file.. unfortunately, for ceu, feu and arellano, i went to the school so all ive got is the actual leaflets not a soft copy..
    ei arjay, so how was it going? ur masteral study? im planning to take it also, so your attending your class only on weekends? thanks!!
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    I recommend UP open university if you have at least 1 year experience
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    hi guyz!! im a bsn grad of 2007 and msn of 2009, both in Concordia College, manila..i think msn would be better because it may easily be credited abroad.

    i hope you try to inquire also at our school because its a trimester and offers msn major in 1. medical-surgical nursing, 2. maternal and child, 3. psychiatric and in 4. administration (hosp & academe). Our current dean is a sister of daughters of charty who was one of the pioneers of graduate shool in nursing program in UST. She is also an MSN becuase she graduated from the states and said that MAN and MSN also differs in salary because those who are science majors have higher salaries than those who have liberal arts because of their advance specialization in the science of nursing.
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    Quote from FreeMilo
    I am batch 2008 and currently taking up my Masters Degree major in Medical Surgical Nursing. I enrolled in Cebu Normal University. I noticed that schools are only offering MN and MAN or MN and MSN. MAN and MSN are just the same thats what my friends told me.

    Is it really the same?
    CAn you tell me the tuition fee and when will be the enrollment. I am also a batch 2008 but I did not start to make soem decisions about my career before but right now it think its about time for me to get moving... Do you mind to tell me if they are offering morning classes or how much the tuition fee will be? please please please what are the requirements too...

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    Hi can i ask about the Masteral in TUA, when is the next enrollment for MAN there? What is the Schedule of lecture? (Is it weekdays or weekend)? thanks a lot! God bless

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