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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    True Story- My sister and I (we are both nurses) were eating lunch at a restraunt. This lady walked by us on the way to the ladies room, she lost her cookies allover the floor beside our table and ran into the bathroom. We glanced over, looked at the horrified waitress, ordered her to get towels to clean up the mess and kept eating our lunch. We were actually giggling at the other patrons that were gagging and jumping up from their seats, while I noticed the waitstaff huddled behind us looking at us like we were the crazy ones. Still makes me giggle.
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    I'm a nursing student. Yesterday in class we were talking about stomas and the consistency of the feces depending on the location; and all i could think about was when was lunch, i was starving. My husband is on a great diet he says. I also get the "what is appropriate dinner conversation" talk.... a lot.
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    Been there done that Got a T-Shirt, Key Chain, Passport, and the Poster to go with it... however, is still sweet to see others going through what we seasoned nurses have gone through... Aloha~
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    Feel the need of side rails when find out you kids sleep with one legs hanging down the bed.
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    You stare at someone's veins while waiting in line at Wal-Mart. In the back of your mind thinking, "I'd get some awesome flashback on those!"You stop the microwave before it beeps because it reminds you of the pump you ran to 35 times during your shift.While washing your hands in a public restroom, you notice someone come out of the stall and not even look at the sink. Gross!You speedwalk everywhere.You carry sani-wipes everywhere!!!You take your grandpa to the doc for a check-up and he introduces you to the entire waiting room as "this is my grand daughter. She's a nurse. She'll be the boss next week!"
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    You're at a family reunion with four generations of nurses, some of whom have nursed in each war since WWII, and we end up gathered together in a corner, sharing stories -- some gross, some funny, some real tear jerkers.
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    You go out for a few drinks and automatically reach out and keep a person who is about to be told "you're shutoff" as they are staggering drunk, from falling on the floor.
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    Not a nurse yet, just a student but....

    When you're watching an abdominal surgery being performed around lunch-time and all you and your fellow student/nurse can think of is how much different pieces of anatomy look like weird versions of food.

    (Hysterectomy - removed ovaries looked like deflated grapes.)
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    Quote from hhurley
    You're 4 year old knows all the bones in the body (while I was in A & P) and when he started kindergarten he was telling his class about skin assessments and care planning and medication administration, to the point that I got a phone call from his teacher about words she didn't understand
    My daughter did this...she stole my A&P Atlas and wanted me to read it to her as her bed time story it was "Her body book"
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    You have an entire OTC pharmacy in your nurse purse (just in case).
    You know what time every place in town that will deliver food closes.
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