WTH kind of question is that

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    So, I found these questions on various websites like Yahoo, StudentDoctors, yadda yadda. My question to you is...WTH are these people thinking?

    1). "Do I have a chance of getting into the Harvard Nursing program? " (in case you're wondering - Harvard doesn't have a nursing program)

    2). " failed Anatomy and Biology 3x do you think nursing school will even care?"

    3). "Do I really have to talk with patients if I'm their nurse?"

    4). " will the doctor help you clean up a code brown if you ask nicely?"

    5). "Is it wrong to steal my patient's food?"

    6). "teacher told me I was too stupid to be a nurse, what does she mean by that?"


    8). "Can you catch herpes from cyber sex"

    9). "Help!!my patient makes fun of me, what should i do?"

    10). " should I date a guy doctor or a female doctor,,who do you think would have more money?"

    Gotta go, be back later folks
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    To those who say there is no such thing as a stupid question, I say, bull pucky.
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    OP, I think you're a strange one to be asking WTH are these people thinking.

    You specialize in strange/off-the-wall questions/comments.
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    Still searching for a dx "too stupid to live" maybe it will make ICD-10 !!
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    "Do I really have to talk with patients if I'm their nurse?"

    No, just stare at them.
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    WOW. And they vote too....
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    Moving to off-topic.
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    No need to go all that far to find these sorts of questions
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    I just graduated, and now I need YOU to tell me how to do basic assessments and first aid

    Should I become an astronaut or nun? (ok, so not that bad, but close)

    The patient has a high diastolic pressure, should I give the PRN for elevated DBP since it's in the parameters ? (had that one asked to my face) ...out of school nearly a year and needed help with basic PRN order reading....
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Moving to off-topic.
    I was going to argue with you and say, "But at the very least it's 'Nursing Humor!'"

    But then I realized - this is NOT funny.

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