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Fill in the blanks... Use the following template: A Graduate Nurse _______________________________. An experienced nurse _______________________________. I'll start it out with...... Read More

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    Quote from Paco69
    GOSH, where is the sense of humor, people??????? Love when people get all defensive on a Jokes thread, lmao! That in itself is humor

    I'll bite:

    A Graduate Nurse neatly presses their scrubs every morning.
    An experienced nurse eyeballs their scrubs for wrinkles every morning.

    (yes, corny ... but could not think of anything else right now )
    So true though...lol

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    A graduate nurse worries about giving Tylenol without a doctor's order.
    An experienced nurse gives the Tylenol, and get the order later.
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    Well, I guess a graduate nurse expects bosses and patients and families to use common sense and be nice.

    An experienced nurse expects no more than a paycheck.

    Sorry for the cynicism. I guess I've been hurt a lot. Waahhhh
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    a graduate nurse will spend days bladder training an incontinent patient.
    an experienced nurse will insert a foley catheter.

    a graduate nurse always answers their phone.
    an experienced nurse checks their caller id before answering the phone.

    this looks familiar....and i love it

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    you're absolutely correct. a good nurse doesn't hold him/herself on a pedestal!
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    A graduate nurse always thinks about having an "eventful shift".
    An experienced nurse simply thinks, "uggghhhhh more paperwork"!
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    A graduate nurse says, "Don't you want to get out of bed now, Mr. Crabb?"
    An experienced nurse say, "No more foolin' around, Mr. Crabb! Let's get crackin'!"

    A graduate nurse always carefully places her stethoscope on her rearview mirror.
    An experienced nurse can't. She's still checking out the neck of every doctor in the facility trying to find it.

    A graduate nurse barely gets her meds passed on time.
    An experienced nurse has her meds passed, 2 admits completed, 1 discharge out the door, 10 new orders entered and carried out, all charting done and comes and saves the graduate nurse's butt.
    (Thank you experienced nurses... I love you!)
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    A Graduate Nurse wants everyone to know he/she's a nurse.
    An Experienced Nurse doesn't want ANYONE to know he/she's a nurse.

    A Graduate Nurse thinks people respect nurses.
    An Experienced Nurse knows people blame all their problems on the nurse.
    Yeah. THIS.^^

    A graduate nurse says, "That's not the way I was taught in school."

    An experienced nurse says, "Well, there's school, there's tests, and there's real life."
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    Quote from Joe V
    Fill in the blanks...

    Use the following template:

    A Graduate Nurse _______________________________.
    An experienced nurse _______________________________.

    I'll start it out with...

    A Graduate Nurse spends 3 hours giving a patient a bath.
    An experienced nurse gets the CNA to give the patient a bath.

    Now, add yours below.
    A Graduate Nurse puts patients back to bed without regard to personal safety

    An experienced nurse calls the lift team
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    A Graduate Nurse puts patients back to bed without regard to personal safety. An experienced nurse calls the lift team.

    A lift team? Talk about a humorous thread! Lol!
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