What is your favorite smiley? - page 2

Mine is :smokin: because it is sassy lookin' OK, your turn.... Read More

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    these guys always bring a smile to me~
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    This is from the selection on AN:

    but my fav: I don't think I have used it before today, but I like it for obvious reasons.
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    my most commonly used as well as favorites are:
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    this one is how I feel quite a lot!
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    Describes me to a tee.

    Nice thread to resurrect...

    another favorite:
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    This one makes me think of happy puppies! How could it not be my fav? Love it!
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    This is my signature!
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    I miss the eating popcorn one. Lately it seems I could have used it pretty often. 😝
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    My favorite is Sums up my reaction to so much that goes on in medicine.

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