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Silly random nursing thoughts, one sentence, NO JUDGMENTAL FOLKS ALLOWED - page 21

Rule is: One sentence. Random thought. Silly is great. Funny would rock. If you're going to be judgmental, GO TO ANOTHER THREAD! FUN ONLY HERE! Fomite is my new favorite word because it... Read More

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    Health surveyors have no soul to begin with. They are like the Dementors in Harry Potter.
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    who has heard this over the pa
    "Paging Dr Locum Paging Dr Locum please pick up the white phone"
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Remember the pillow goes under the patient's head,not over.
    Good tip
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    In a birthing class I heard an instructor say, "Pajamas are not optional, guys."
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    I can always predict that one floor will basically own me for the night sometimes. Especially when certain nurses are working.
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    Quote from txnurse48
    Don't pass up an opportunity to burp a colostomy bag.
    Wouldn't it be more satisfying to pop it like bubble wrap?
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    I work in a psych/long term facility, so all the doors, excluding pt rooms are locked. I frequently find myself trying to use my work keys to get inside my home, or to use them to try to unlock my bathroom door.
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    You've had this for 5 years and today it is an emergency?
    or WOW, that's bad. or There is a lesson I am supposed to learn here, or If your doctor said jump off a cliff,would you do it?
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    Quote from savoytruffle
    The number of admissions I get today will be inversely proportional to the number of bathroom breaks that I have time for.

    Sometimes I wish candy cigarettes were still around. I'd take "smoke breaks" with the others.

    Do the department of health surveyors sell their soul before they take the job, or does the job slowly eat it away, like acid?

    It's never too late to start over and get that art degree......or become a dog groomer........or a florist........
    When I was a kid, people would ask, "what do you want to be when you grow up")? That was easy - I wanted to be a florist (because I liked cut flowers). Or I wanted to work in a donut factory (I love vanilla crme donuts). They REALLY were my choices as a kid!

    And I remember those really cool candy cigarettes, too. I take 'fresh air breaks' at times when all the others go out for their cig breaks. They all have to go outside and huddle in the rain in the back of the bldg in the rear parking lot. While I can go to the front of the bldg and sit on a bench under a covered pavilion and look at the garden and watch passerbys or traffic.

    And I make it a point to others that I'm taking my equivalent time-out as they do.
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    I love Allnurses and its always near, hear hear!
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    you know what kind of day its been when the first beer is open by 4 pm (I get off at 3)
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    I got home this morning and wondered where the keyboard on my fridge/ Pyxis was so I could get it open......
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    Slooooooow down... that was saline you sent to the lab... but at least the urine drug tox came back negative.

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