The "Q" Word and Other Mysteries

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    Found this on Facebook and it made me laugh, I am always shushing people who start to stay the "Q" word (quiet), because usually when someone remarks on how quiet it is, suddenly, it's not.

    What are some other things that you say/think? Myths, superstitions, "sure signs" that you know of as a nurse?

    And yes, this is what is called a "fun thread" so let's not make it all serious and junk lol. (Except: The Q word one is DEAD serious!)
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    The "Full Moon" theory is one. Things do tend to get more crazy during a full moon.
    Also, that deaths happen in 3's.
    I've found that these things, along with the Q word are very accurate!
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    Saying a frequent flyer's name. They ALwAYS show up right after that.
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    I've seen the frequent flyer thing in action, and FULLY believe the full moon, so much so that I have a full moon app on my phone, nice to have a heads up heading into work

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    I promise I've read an EBP Article on the effects of a full moon on the general population, somewhere. Lol. The Q-Word Curse is totally true.
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    A patient's family mentioned that it was quiet on our unit the other day. We had two open beds. On a friday at about 1700. On a holiday weekend. And yes, we did have a full moon last night. I'm not back until Tuesday but I feel bad for my coworkers this weekend!
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    When you have a really serene night...because the next night will put you into a fetal position!!!
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    I have often told (read hushed!) fellow nurses about the "Q" word, many of them seasoned. As soon as I correct them (open cheek, insert tongue), they stifle themselves (I love you, Edith Bunker) and we get a good giggle.

    DON'T SAY THE Q WORD!!!!!!!!!!

    Full moon? Run. Hide. Call in sick!!!!!!!

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    The "Q" word? That's one word that must never be uttered... I do not speak of such things lightly. We all know what happens when we do.
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    Quote from AJJKRN
    When you have a really serene night...because the next night will put you into a fetal position!!!

    Instead if the "Q" word, serene should be replaced, or any other synonym...
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