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What's the most common, weirdest, funniest things you always forget to take out of your pocket before you leave and end up going home with? Me, I aalways go home with a floor supply of alcohol... Read More

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    Any nurses out there want to trade some small flip off lids or even sell me some for crafts. I am in need of small red and purple.

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    Do you guys ever get any small reds or purples you like to get rid of I need them for a craft and I'll pay
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    Besides the usual...alcohol, IV stuff, dead end caps, pens, tape, tegaderm, tons of saline flushes, syringes, the work phone and pager (hate that the most because you have to drive back!)

    When my hubby worked ER, I would do wash and find nearly empty vials of dilaudid clicking in the dryer. Then we'd have to figure out if it was him or me. He hated taking them back to the hospital to waste them and document...embarrassing...oops!

    One of our nurses saves colored caps and diprivan pull tabs too.
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    alcohol packets, blood sugar pokers, tape......SOMEONES HEARING AID.....ugh....that was bad.....
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    alcohol swabs, gloves, pens, tape (a lot of tape... opps), tegaderm, scrap paper, paper clips, and my pager (one happened once... thank goodness only once - the drive back when tired... ugh).

    The oddest thing I took home? I went home after a long shift, was emptying my pockets to throw my uniform in the wash again (another long stretch was coming up) and pulled out.... premarin cream. Just the ointment and not the applicator. Thank goodness!
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    When I empty my pickpocket it's normally got 2-3 sleeves of panadol, empty unused syringes, saline flushes, micropore, penlight neuro torch, 5-6pairs of gloves on any given day
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    Quote from meather
    I've gone home with a whole container of glucose strips, cans of shaving cream, and the usual alcohol pads, flushes, gloves. I also compulsively stick vial lids in my pockets and have a collection going. I don't know what I'll do with them.
    A lot of nurses have been decorating badge reels with them. Flower, butterfly, owl... All the colors and sizes allow you a lot of options. In fact, one hospital has a container on every unit and even in the pharmacy to collect them.

    Often they are sold to collect for a charity. For example, on oncology they collect for ACA or on cardiovascular, AHA
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    Empty your pockets into the nurse that takes over your group. Saves the company money! I was bad about nitro bottles and flushes.
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    FOUR TIMES I have taken home my Spectralink phone. I blame my cargo pants- they have a pocket WAY down on the leg, so I don't feel the phone when I sit down.

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    pill wrappers and pens!

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