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What's the most common, weirdest, funniest things you always forget to take out of your pocket before you leave and end up going home with? Me, I aalways go home with a floor supply of alcohol... Read More

  1. by   Libitina
    Vial tops? Which ones??
  2. by   Perpetual Student
    Nothing makes it home with me as I always change in the locker room, but I often have extra pulse ox probes, lancets, alcohol swabs, puke sacks, and other miscellaneous odds and ends stashed in my locker to return the next shift.
  3. by   PediLove2147
    Quote from Libitina
    Vial tops? Which ones??
    Like the tops on insulin, narcotics, basically any liquid med that comes in a vial. Usually they just go in the trash but they are good for crafts. Everyone on my unit has a flower clip for their badge made of them!
  4. by   tracey21
    i have come home with gloves, tape, flushes, alcohol wipes, syringes, conveens, gauze etc..........
  5. by   eatmysoxRN
    Alcohol pads. More than I could ever need.
    Gauze. Again, more than I'll ever need.
    Tele batteries.
    Dry erase markers.
    A emebag.
    Empty syringes.
    Gloves. Sterile gloves.
    An IV start kit.
    A cathelon or 2.
    Lube (peds rectal temps)
    Post its.

    I always return medical supplies that I'd never ever use (iv stuff). Kept some stuff that I didn't think would do good going back.. Eek :/
  6. by   GitanoRN
    just the other day, i came home with 4 other nurses and as we sat in my lanai we empty our pockets to see who had the most items from work and a sweet seasoned nurse won, she had everything you would need to assist in any given medical pt. situation, i gave a pair of tickets to a concert
  7. by   wannabecnl
    EKG lead pads. In the PACU, the ones from the OR came off all the time, so I'd often throw a new one in my pocket to have on hand. Amazing how with just one supply drawer on either side of the bed, I was usually on the "wrong" side to replace what was needed.

    By the way, these were new ones with the backing still on, not used ones with chest hair! Those did make it into the trash!
  8. by   32708fl
    Any nurses out there want to trade some small flip off lids or even sell me some for crafts. I am in need of small red and purple.
  9. by   32708fl
    Do you guys ever get any small reds or purples you like to get rid of I need them for a craft and I'll pay
  10. by   dah doh
    Besides the usual...alcohol, IV stuff, dead end caps, pens, tape, tegaderm, tons of saline flushes, syringes, the work phone and pager (hate that the most because you have to drive back!)

    When my hubby worked ER, I would do wash and find nearly empty vials of dilaudid clicking in the dryer. Then we'd have to figure out if it was him or me. He hated taking them back to the hospital to waste them and document...embarrassing...oops!

    One of our nurses saves colored caps and diprivan pull tabs too.
  11. by   lumbarpain
    alcohol packets, blood sugar pokers, tape......SOMEONES HEARING AID.....ugh....that was bad.....
  12. by   AngelicDarkness
    alcohol swabs, gloves, pens, tape (a lot of tape... opps), tegaderm, scrap paper, paper clips, and my pager (one happened once... thank goodness only once - the drive back when tired... ugh).

    The oddest thing I took home? I went home after a long shift, was emptying my pockets to throw my uniform in the wash again (another long stretch was coming up) and pulled out.... premarin cream. Just the ointment and not the applicator. Thank goodness!
  13. by   Rhi007
    When I empty my pickpocket it's normally got 2-3 sleeves of panadol, empty unused syringes, saline flushes, micropore, penlight neuro torch, 5-6pairs of gloves on any given day