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What's the most common, weirdest, funniest things you always forget to take out of your pocket before you leave and end up going home with? Me, I aalways go home with a floor supply of alcohol pads and gauze. The other night I... Read More

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    We have a nurse here that saved vial lids for months and months (and months after that). She filled her dog bed with them (small dog). She said they move well and don't get smashed down like the beads/foam that is originally in the bed and they don't poke at the dog through the fabric. Pretty clever. Also I know of one person that glued a bunch to a picture frame. Looks pretty cute in all the different colors.

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    We're doing the vial top stuff too! We've been decorating our badge clips with them. Mostly flowers but I think it looks cute

    As for work thievery.....I'm bad about flushes. I'm so used to grabbing a couple every time I'm in the med room I don't even feel them in my pockets. I'm looking at 3 of them as I type lol
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    I empty my pockets and take nothing home. I don't want to have "drug paraphenalia" anywhere near me unless I am at work. Guess I'm just paranoid!
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    Vial tops? Which ones??
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    Nothing makes it home with me as I always change in the locker room, but I often have extra pulse ox probes, lancets, alcohol swabs, puke sacks, and other miscellaneous odds and ends stashed in my locker to return the next shift.
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    Quote from Libitina
    Vial tops? Which ones??
    Like the tops on insulin, narcotics, basically any liquid med that comes in a vial. Usually they just go in the trash but they are good for crafts. Everyone on my unit has a flower clip for their badge made of them!
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    i have come home with gloves, tape, flushes, alcohol wipes, syringes, conveens, gauze etc..........
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    Alcohol pads. More than I could ever need.
    Gauze. Again, more than I'll ever need.
    Tele batteries.
    Dry erase markers.
    A emebag.
    Empty syringes.
    Gloves. Sterile gloves.
    An IV start kit.
    A cathelon or 2.
    Lube (peds rectal temps)
    Post its.

    I always return medical supplies that I'd never ever use (iv stuff). Kept some stuff that I didn't think would do good going back.. Eek :/
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    just the other day, i came home with 4 other nurses and as we sat in my lanai we empty our pockets to see who had the most items from work and a sweet seasoned nurse won, she had everything you would need to assist in any given medical pt. situation, i gave a pair of tickets to a concert
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    EKG lead pads. In the PACU, the ones from the OR came off all the time, so I'd often throw a new one in my pocket to have on hand. Amazing how with just one supply drawer on either side of the bed, I was usually on the "wrong" side to replace what was needed.

    By the way, these were new ones with the backing still on, not used ones with chest hair! Those did make it into the trash!

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