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  1. Among other things, we've all joked before about how doctors only ambulate patients on Grey's Anatomy. We have a surly, nurse-frightening, House-esque doc that not only regularly ambulates our elderly patients, but I also caught this doc helping my pt shave their face despite a full caseload and an aide in the wings able to help instead. It was amusing in an endearing way, because it was completely unexpected and sweet.

    So, I must ask, what other funny, cute, ridiculous, hilarious, unbelievable, incredible, etc, things have YOU seen at work that you once thought, "I thought that only happened on TV!"?
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  3. by   AJJKRN
    ​honestly I'd have to say the drama. Worse that any sitcom I've ever seen and was worse that high school!
  4. by   RNAnnjeh
    I had a physician help me with post-mortem care. He insisted he helped since the gentleman was his patient. Lovely experience.
  5. by   pappa22v
    My first day in trauma, I lost a patient. They asked me to tag them, so I write out all the tags, go to walk in the room, walk out and ask the attending "Where am I supposed to put this one?" as I hold a tag up. Attending looks at me and says "On the big toe it says it right there!"

    I stare at him in dead silence, and he falls over on the floor laughing... it occured to him that I actually did know what I was doing, however, the patient was a bilateral amputee....

    One of those moments you never forget LOL
  6. by   brownbook
    You will have to have worked a busy GI (or even OR) unit to appreciate this.

    When I bring the patient into the sedation/procedure room one of the gastroenterologists actually goes to the patient's side, shakes their hand, looks at their armband, confirms the name and age is correct, asks the patient what they are having done, do they have allergies, do they have implanted devices, when did they last eat, etc.

    I could barely pick my jaw up off the floor the first time I worked with him!
  7. by   cocoa_puff
    The on-call room. It exists.
  8. by   poppycat
    My family doctor, who recently retired, was well known for helping feed residents in the nursing home when he was making rounds. He was wonderful & we really miss him!
  9. by   Orca
    In my last semester of nursing school (we won't talk about how long ago that was), I had to change a cancer patient's bed. The physician, who was in the room, helped with the bed change. "She used to be an RN", my preceptor explained.
  10. by   smartassmommy
    Took the bf to the ER, resident hooked him up to heart monitor, while reciting "snow over grass, smoke over fire"
  11. by   WKShadowRN
    The doctors are getting their own coffee!

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