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Hilarious Gangnam Style OB/Gyne parody music video

  1. 0 So this is so funny...this was made at a hospital in Canada and it's been all over the news because some people are too sensitive and found it incorrect. I thought it was hilarious!

    Link to Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWvnfdgEOcA

    If you want to read the media story behind the controversy, its from the Toronto Star newspaper... http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/arti...birthing-group
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    Haha! I loved it. I don't understand why people can be so square sometimes. Is it a crime to lighten up? ::sigh::
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    that was cute
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    So not appropriate, especially for students!! There is no way my professors would have okay'd us doing that. It's one thing if they wanted to make a video for class but not to be put on the hospitals website. Now a great video done by students was from UNLV about HIPAA and that has been used by BON. There's a time and place for everything and this was just not appropriate.
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    I don't see the video as being offensive, but I also didn't think it was very entertaining, either.

    PS. Do nurses in Canada really wear dresses?
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    Yeah....I'm not so sure it's that funny and I find a ton of weird things funny.....it's a little over the top for me.
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    As a fun production, it's good. Well choreographed and relevant to their audience, which I presume to be other Ob/Gyn residents.

    Now, as an example of the terrible birth culture that we live in, I find it awful. Those birthing images in the lithotomy position, fire emanating from the birth canal as baby is shot out?? But then again, we are talking about surgeons here who in reality have no business catching babies the good old natural way as they have no respect for the human process. Ok, that is another thread ;-)

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    Oh, for heaven's sake. It's a goof. Lighten up. And I say this as someone who bows to no one on the importance of good midwifery.

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    Totally funny and a straight on goof! Now I must set to work on 'Med-Surge Rap'.
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    As an OB Scrub Tech I think the video portrays everything we do and that happens just on out floor. Only some of us get to experience "amniotic showers" and some babies do get literally catched when they come in at 9cm. The only part I didn't like was the baby having the chest compressions, that kind of brings the fun of the video down because it is one of the not so good sides of L&D.
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    There's nothing wrong with the video, it's that it was posted on the hospitals website that was unbelievably unprofessional.
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    laugh out loud with "amniotic showers" - great one!
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    That's so cute! Only hospital staff/nurses etc would find that funny. It's our twisted sense of humour! Ah, a little controversy is good for the soul.


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