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Funny Nursing related Stories

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    Okay, my fellow nurses…….let me share my story. I only share this, mind you, so there may be a smile upon your face, the next time you are faced with a similar situation, and so you know that we are not alone.

    It is only after ten years plus, that I am able to tell the tale, without dying of complete embarrassment. I was a brand new GVN, nineteen years old, and working in a nursing home. Of course, I was working night shift, and was the only nurse in the building. I was in charge of several CNA’s with probably much more knowledge than I at the time. One aide called me to the room of a resident for some reason, which I do not recall now.

    I don’t remember all of the circumstances, but I was helping her get the elderly lady off of the commode and back into the bed. We noticed something terribly wrong. There was something in between this woman’s legs that was very abnormal!

    I know that everyone’s anatomy is different, that they did teach us in nursing school. But what I saw scared me to death. She had a rather large pinkish-red “organ” that was coming out of her! OMG!

    This lady’s organs are falling out!!!! There was no profuse bleeding, no signs of physical or emotional distress (of course Mrs. So and so was only concerned with “going home” anyway). Not much bothered her………well, with the exception of some idiotic staff.

    So, I did what I thought any “prudent” nurse would do, and save this woman’s life. I couldn’t simply wait until 7 am until the morning shift got there. And do you think that I dare call that “grouchy doctor” at three in the morning and have him hang up on me again?? Nope, I go straight for “the guns”. It is vital that this woman get emergency treatment right away, so, yes, I called EMS.

    Go ahead…..laugh. I already know what you’re thinking. I call them and tell them that this woman’s organs are coming out of her. My God, what were they thinking? So, just as they should, they come to pick up the woman, and take her to the hospital for treatment. Thank goodness, I had caught this, just in time.

    I was so proud that I had intervened for the good of the patient, you know, what we all go into nursing for. The funniest thing is that I do not remember the response from the morning shift (that I should have waited for). And I never did hear (selective memory, I suppose) what was said by EMS or the ER staff that received the patient. But OMG, my ears should have been burnin’! NOBODY EVER TOLD ME that it was perfectly NORMAL for women to have their uteruses hanging out!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I think I could kill my nursing instructors right about now, LOL. Yep, I don’t think they covered that one in lecture. Well, now I am totally mortified that I sent my little 90 year old woman to the ER for a prolapsed uterus! That poor little lady had a “ride” for nothin’, and you know darn well that some med staff were laughin’ their rears off. The funny thing is now I am a nursing instructor.

    The other day I had a student grab me by the arm and say “You better come look at this!”

    Guess what we found!

    No, I didn’t call the ambulance.
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    I freaked out the first time I saw a prolapsed uterus too.
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    this happened when i was woking in the icu....when i saw the prolapsed uterus in an old lady....i rushed to inform the doctor...thinking that i wud be appreciated for my observation...but to my surprise ,the doctor gave me blank look which silently meant 'PLZ DONT WASTE MY TIME'
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    haha. thats scary... thats y i hate OB and maternal nursing.
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    i'm a student my self,soon finishing nursing school, i remembe:chuckle:chuckle
    r being shoked my self one day seeing what u saw in a old lady i was taking care of ,,, that looked scary i asked one of the nurses waht`s that - she explained it's her uteres coming out, so i asked why she's living like this ,why noboady care's, she need`s a surgery,,, but i got no answer... i guess she is still caring her uteres, at list she's on a wheel cair otherwise i don't think she could walk....
    enjoyed reading your funny story
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    i am in my final semester and am happy I foung your post. So far no mention of this!
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    had a lady w/ a prolapsed rectum. You think YOU were freaked out!
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    When I was fresh out of nursing school I cared for a woman w/a prolapsed uterus....with a decube on it! The doc ordered dressing changes for it...I don't think he heard us say where it was, just what it was. Can you imagine two new grads (we were on a small unit) trying to figure out how to dress this poor woman's uterus?
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    Quote from mama_d
    When I was fresh out of nursing school I cared for a woman w/a prolapsed uterus....with a decube on it! The doc ordered dressing changes for it...I don't think he heard us say where it was, just what it was. Can you imagine two new grads (we were on a small unit) trying to figure out how to dress this poor woman's uterus?
    When I started my first nursing job, my charge nurse had 6 MONTHS of experience! It was quite the experience - needless to say we learned MUCH the hard way!
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    I've yet to see this, but thankfully I have heard of it.
    Your story really made me laugh though, just imagining that happen.
    I can't even begin to imagine the shock you were in...or with the prolapsed rectum...goodness.
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow.. they havnt taught us about this yet. THANKYOU
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    Glad I could be of service!
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    My experience was with a prolapsed rectum and I nearly fainted. I was a student and did not have a clue what to do. Thank goodness for the experienced CNA who quickly recognized that there was about to be 2 patients, got me a chair and explained what I was looking at.

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