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  1. Don

    Yes. Lol. I'm on an I pad and took the short way out with that.
  2. Would you like some cheese with that whine.

    No showers on Sundays. I am new to this facility and this is how they have it set up. I was thinking the day shift was overstaffed
  3. Would you like some cheese with that whine.

    I recently started as don at a small rural private owned facility. Our numbers are: 37 patients, 5 of those are skilled. One catheter One colostomy No trachs No suctioning No feeding tubes 3 pressure sores One bed bound resident Staffing M-F LVN 8a-...
  4. Shift Round Checklist

    I can't see a form
  5. chart audit tool

    I want one too! Lol.
  6. Don

    I have been a nurse for close to 10 years, first as an LVN and then an RN. I started out in LTC but was in hospice for 7 years after that. I was recently hired to be don at a small rural facility. Current census 37. I need help. Where do I get all ...
  7. Young Hospice Nurses

    I have been a hospice nurse since I was 25. I had only been a nurse a little over a year. I have been in hospice now for over two years and don't want to ever do anything else. I don't think the age or experience is what really matters. I think i...
  8. Tremors

    I have seen patients receiving Haldol have tremors. We give them benadryl for that and it helps.
  9. Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    The tropical instead of topical always get me. I almost laugh. I can't help but want to ask, "So, do they put coconut oil in that gel for you?" RisperIdal, PhenergRan, when people say Duragesic topically instead of trans dermal. There is a differ...
  10. Mid-Shift Shower

    That was so funny to picture. Sorry you had to go through it though.
  11. Mid-Shift Shower

    Your book comment made me think that it would be nice if we could put all of the stories on this forum together and make a book to sell to benefit a charity. Nurse to Nurse or something like that.
  12. Mid-Shift Shower

    I have greatly enjoyed reading all of your posts about my story. Thank you all so much!
  13. Results of our Nursing Humor Article Contest 6th

    Thank ya'll all so much. I am so happy, I've never won anything before. I'm jumping outta my skin here. I enjoyed reading all of the stories as well.
  14. Tell me your GPA. Just wanna compare

    3.96. Got a 93.4 on my gerontology final and that was considered a B. 94 was an A. I really beat myself up over that one B and was very upset with myself, but guess what, the girl I went to school with that had a 2.5 GPA works at the same place th...
  15. Is it legal for a teacher to invite a student over to study?

    I also feel that if they were doing something unethical they wouldn't be so open about it happening at all.