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  1. Don't do the physicians work!

    Modern RN, I feel your pain. That sounds exactly like the last hospital I worked! They should take more responsibility in the care of their patients, no doubt!
  2. Funny Nursing Related Stories

    I would imagine that the "sluice room" must resemble the "hopper room" that some of us have experienced in long term care.
  3. Funny Nursing Related Stories

    ok. ok ....I got it! I have found the solution...I think that these poor ladies should have to wear a medical alert bracelet...yep, that says "Don't panic, it's only a uterus!". Or then, there is the evil prankster in me:saint:, that could only imagi...
  4. Funny Nursing Related Stories

    Glad I could be of service!
  5. Funny Nursing Related Stories

    It is only after ten years plus, that I am able to tell the tale, without dying of complete embarrassment. I was a brand new GVN, nineteen years old, and working in a nursing home. Of course, I was working night shift, and was the only nurse in the b...