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Hi all! As many of you know by now, Kim Kardashian had her baby. As if you couldn't miss all the annoying coverage over every single detail. They named that poor kid North West. What are some of the funniest/weirdest/most... Read More

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    I can actually verify at least one of these. My mom had a friend that was an EMT who was called out to a house where an accident involving twin
    Boys. When he asked the mother what the kids names were "orangelo & chereegelo". The EMT asked the mother how she spelled it as he had no idea. She responded "it's just like orangejello & cherryjello. I heard this story from the MET so it seems likely to be true.
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    Well at least her name wasn't Dr. Swallow...
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    Quote from VampyrSlayer
    Another one is friend of mine. She's been called Kara all 23 years of her life, but when she went to get her birth certificate at 18, she found out her parents never registered her name, so legally she was"baby girl". Apparently not an uncommon occurrence around here

    It happens sometimes despite the best of intentions. The pregnancy did not go smoothly because my mom was so ill, she lost weight. At 29 weeks, she delivered a set of conjoined twin boys, then delivered me. This was over a three day period. The boys lived only a few hours, but since they had already decided on "boy" names, they were buried as Charles Everett and Christian Peter. My parents had not been able to agree on any "girl" names. Two weeks later, after I was finally discharged, the hospital said I must have a name now! They finally decided on Katherine plus my mom's maiden name. When I wanted to apply for a passport in my teens, I sent for a copy of my birth certificate
    and discovered that it still was for "Baby Girl _____."

    It does happen sometimes.
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    Hear a new one today:

    Lake Green.
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    I have a girlfriend who is the only girl and she has 7 brothers. Her mother named her Sister. We call her Sissy.
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    Anita...Brain was the last name
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    Introducing <drumroll please> little miss Cuce (first name) Umber (last name)

    Pronounced: Cucumber
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    So far the weirdest i know personally is a girl named Precious. It's not too bad, until you realize her last name is Grubbs. So now you have "Precious Grubbs" Poor kid.