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Hi all! As many of you know by now, Kim Kardashian had her baby. As if you couldn't miss all the annoying coverage over every single detail. They named that poor kid North West. What are some... Read More

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    I've seen La-a (pronounced la dasha) twice! And I once cared for a patient named Ana Mae who was Japanese and has just moved here from Japan... in case u don't "get it" say her name out loud...
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    I know of a little boy, about three years old, named "Tumor". His mother was 48 when she had him, and apparently he was initially mistaken for uterine cancer.
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    Buckshot Billy and his brother Cash Cody, Dr Ken Hurts (a dentist, if I remember correctly), a couple I've posted on another thread - Justin Thyme. ("Justin" does seem to lend itself to some pretty terrible puns) and Dr Cutter a GYN surgeon. Oh, then there's Elder Dull, who was once pastor of the SDA church in Boring, Oregon
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    I have met a jaleh, my cousin is named neveah, and I have a cousin with the name SALINE , pronounced like the medical solution. I'm not kidding either it's saline
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    From my previous career, most memorable unique name was Shady Basta. Still find it hysterical.
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    We had a mom name her son Brain. Seriously we tried to show her it's really spelled BrIAN but she wouldn't change it. All I could picture when I looked at that poor baby was the show Pinky and the Brain lol
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    I have heard of the name La-A pronounced la-dash-a and chit-heed pronounced **** head lol crazy people in the world today
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    Friend of a friend wanted to name her baby daughter after a paint color. After looking at many cans for inspiration, she decided Enamel (pronounce EE-na-mel) was the most beautiful name ever. I was surprised she didn't choose Latex as the middle name.
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    A name I heard was from a lady who shared a room with me after we had just given birth. She named her baby Stormy Dilemma. Oh my goodness, I worried for that baby.
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    I may have mentioned this on another thread but triplet boys: John, Johnnie, and Jonathan.
    How confusing will THAT be when they are toddlers running around the house?

    I met a lady who named her daughter "daine" or something like that. It was supposed to be Diana. They spelled it like you would pronounce the letters in spanish I think.

    I also knew "Candie Caines" in high school.

    I don't understand why people do this to their children. Especially the ones that sound like stripper/"entertainer" names.

    Calling out so many names over the years while working in a clinic made me really think about what to name my kids, how their names could be mispelled, etc. I had a friend who named her daughter Christina spelled "Krystyna". No one will ever spell it right.

    As a kid I could never find a coffee mug or keychain with my name on it when we went somewhere (like Knott's Berry Farm) and this bugged me. I wanted my kids to have common, decent names that would be pronounced and spelled correctly.
    So I named them Burlap and, just kidding.
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    There is a doctor at the nursing home I work at named Dr.Bitchen.
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    Quote from JMECNA
    There is a doctor at the nursing home I work at named Dr.Bitchen.
    A 4th grade teacher at my school growing up was Mrs. Blitch.
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    My husband's elementary school (I forget which grade) was Mrs. Yertle, so all the kids called her Mrs. Yertle the turtle.