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  1. BumbleBuddy

    Low Census

    Our census has been fluctuating a lot lately. People in overtime and PRN folks are usually canceled first. We keep a list of who gets canceled, put on call or floated and rotate through the nurses. If a nurse is put on call, especially for a night shift, we only keep them on call until 11pm, even though I think hospital policy allows up until 3am. Every unit I've worked on at this hospital doesn't call someone in after 11 or 12. Our full-time charge nurses never get put on call or canceled unless it's an extra shift for us. There are only 4 of us (2 on dayshift, 2 on night shift) on the unit. Relief charge nurses are rotated through like all the other nurses unless they're the only person trained to charge on the low census day. If you like your job, my advice would be to get a PRN/flexi job to supplement your income. If not, you could always try moving to another unit that has a more stable census. Before accepting the position I have now, I interview for a charge nurse role at a smaller hospital in my area. On the day of my interview, I noticed nurses were transferring patients and cleaning/bagging equipment. I asked what they were doing and was told that the unit was closing because the hospital census was low. The nurses and nurse manager I interviewed with were very nice, but I ended up passing on the job offer because I needed a more stable income.
  2. BumbleBuddy

    Are there any gay nurses here?

    Gay guy checking in. I didn't realize I would be as bothered by the shooting as I am. It scares the hell out of me. This guy murdered innocent people, people just like me, my fiancé and my friends, because of his hatred towards their sexual orientation and possibly his own. What's even worse to me is that no one around where I live seems to care. No one even really discusses it. It hurts that so many people hate us just because we are different. Trust me, if I could have chosen my sexuality I would have gone the straight route, but that hand wasn't dealt to me. Instead I'm living in a world where people are actively fighting against my right to love someone in marriage, they're trying to strip away my freedoms by allowing people to openly discriminate against me, in some parts of the world they're killing people like me only because we can't control who we love or are attracted to. In the end we are all humans sharing the same world and our differences won't matter when we leave.
  3. BumbleBuddy

    Working FT and PRN in different dept. at the same hospital?

    Wouldn't you make the same or very close to what a PRN nurse would make if you just picked up OT shifts in the other unit? Or do your PRN folks get money rained on them?
  4. BumbleBuddy

    Am I a bad nurse???

    You are not a bad nurse, you're just nervous and new to the job. Everyone makes simple mistakes when they are new and will still make simple mistakes when they've been working for 30 years. Just try to stay calm and slow your brain down a little so your body can catch up! You'll do great once you've settled in to this new position and some of that new job jitters goes away! :)
  5. BumbleBuddy

    what's your pet peeve?

    Use your d*** call light. Stop walking out to the nurses station every time you want something because you think you will get it faster. Other nurses may stop in the middle of whatever they are doing and fetch that ice for you, but I'm not. I'm going to finish whatever I'm doing first. Treating a heart rate in the 160's is more important than your ice. You walked to the desk so walk a few more feet down the hall and get it yourself! Rant over. It's such a beautiful day and I'm craving tacos.
  6. BumbleBuddy

    Hospital that bans family members

    Or greatly increase your exposure to the CRAZY family members...
  7. BumbleBuddy

    Politically Incorrect

    I've felt the same way, more specifically about the "20?? Class of Random A** University School of Nursing" or NCLEX post. It's the same thing over and over. "I had 75 questions omg did I fail. Pearson Trick!"
  8. BumbleBuddy

    Moved mom out of house: The story continues

    My mom worked nights and slept days, leaving me alone at nights when I was a kid. I had to learn to care for myself and deal with the fear and depression of being alone. When she was home she would have outbursts and constantly remind me of how poor we were, making me feel like I was a burden. Later on she started drinking more and more. During her outburst one of her favorite go tos was "You can go live with your father." I felt like we eventually switched roles where I became the parent and she was the child. My father was never present and the kind of dad who would say "I'll come pick you up Saturday" but wouldn't be seen for years. He never even told my sister and brothers I existed. We eventually came across each other on MySpace of all places. The only person who would come and get me when I was alone and crying after a storm had knocked out the power was my grandmother. She was my rock. She constantly reminded me of how much she loved me and was always there for me. Now I'm standing by and can't do anything as she loses her mind and body. Dementia is awful and unforgiving. She still tells me that she loves me and she's proud of me, sometime several times within 10 minutes lol. Growing up like I did left some scars. I have an intense fear of abandonment, fear of being left alone, generalized anxiety and some serious issues with self-esteem and being too critical of myself, but it has also made me a better person is some ways. I'm more responsible, very independent and also have a lot of ambition.
  9. BumbleBuddy

    "My Tech" or "My Aide"

    I'm more patient centric when introducing roles. "Hi Mr. Patient! My name is Beyoncè and I'll be your nurse tonight. This is Jay-Z and he is your PCT tonight. We'll be here with you until about 6:30AM. " Or I'll say "This is Blahblah, one of our PCTs." "That is bippityboppity, one of our nurses. They'll be working with you tonight."
  10. BumbleBuddy

    Staying Positive in Nursing

    I only have one more day off on my 6 day stretch and then it's back to a job that irks me. Thankfully I only work three days then I'm off again! Hallelujah! Praise those 12 hour shifts!
  11. BumbleBuddy

    What is it like working on med surg?

    It sucks. No. Sometimes. No. There are my answers. My opinion may be skewed by the fact that I work at a large hospital in the city that takes the most acute patients in the area. Most of the patients I get are chronically ill and don't follow medical advice leading to frequent readmits. The others are extremely old with no quality of life and are being forced to live by family members who are never present. It's tough and thankless, but you get a lot of exposure to all kinds of diseases. It's a great unit to start in because of that exposure and the amount of time you'll have to practice your nursing skills. Most people at my job don't make a career out of med/surg and end up moving on to less yellow pastures once they get enough experience.
  12. BumbleBuddy

    Sick calls

    5 occurrences in a year. Sick days are 1 occurrence and tardies are .5. 5.5 occurrences is a verbal. 6.5 is a write up. Occurrences fall off 1 year after you received it and disciplinary actions fall off after 18 months. You can be off several days and have only 1 occurrence as long as the days are consecutive.
  13. BumbleBuddy

    Which Littmann stethoscope is best?

    I think I have the cardiology III. It's pretty awesome and about midrange in price (150$ I believe).
  14. BumbleBuddy

    Got hit on by a patient and it wasn't a granny.

    I'm the type that's oblivious to when people are flirting with me. The dots didn't connect until one day a discharged patient called the unit to give me his number a week or two later. I was completely shocked and so uncomfortable. Then to make things even more awkward, I was on a different unit a year later and guess who gets admitted? Yeah.... I was not his nurse. I'm a male and I don't view myself as being particularly attractive, but the amount of times I've been hit on or even harassed is crazy.
  15. BumbleBuddy

    Does the size of the work unit matter?

    I was mislead by the title of this post.... But anyways. I like a midsize unit. Ours is 30 beds. There's enough staff to cover days you need off. There's also enough people here to rotate around and prevent that annoyance you get working with people every single day, but also not too many so our staff members aren't practically strangers.