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Hi all! As many of you know by now, Kim Kardashian had her baby. As if you couldn't miss all the annoying coverage over every single detail. They named that poor kid North West. What are some of the funniest/weirdest/most... Read More

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    No better way to show your love for your OB/GYN than to name your baby after them. The best we had was when parents named their baby Egu.

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    Ben Dover. Lol 😂
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    Twin baby boys named Easton and Weston. Not really weird, but kinda cute.

    And a little hellion named SirAnthony.

    I hate even saying this, but a young girl named Beautiful. She is a beautiful child, but not very aesthetically pleasing. :-\
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    Quote from MessyMomma
    And a little hellion named SirAnthony.
    I knew a Sir Robert in college. Sister named Lady Elizabeth. She went by Beth, I think. He went by "Sir Robert." Even his girlfriend called him that. I forget his brother's name but in was in the same vein.
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    I was just watching Cake Boss and there was a lady named Candida lol. Lovely to be named after a fungus
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    There was a baby girl in Nashville in the '90s named "Diazepam" because her mother asked someone "What is you gave me that made me feel so good?". She named her daughter after it.
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    Nephew's ex is Elisa (makes me think of the lab & how she should probably have it checked.)

    Cousin's daughter Rogue (X-Men)

    Floated to OB - Eva Destruction
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    Stormy Gail
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    I once had a coworker who named her son Lemon (pronounced le-MON).

    Working in the prison system you see some weird names too. I have seen a Precious, a Master, a Lawyer and a Senator. Also a Jairus (not sure where that one came from). No wonder they wound up doing time.
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    Quote from sali22

    Honestly I don't believe anyone is named shithead, la-a, lemonjello, orangejello, female, abcde. Let's not post the same urban legends over and over again like the other thread.
    Not an urban legend!! I worked peds on an Air Force Base & we have these names.
    Abcde (pronounced abcedy) mom was ****** when I said her middle name because I thought the computer made an error.
    We have multiple families who's kids have the same first name.
    Darius Jake
    Darius Jack
    Darius Mack
    No joke really!! We hated it because their charts were always messed up.
    We had an orangello and lemongello.
    Ocean Breeze (first & middle)
    Ppl are really psycho wish it was an urban legend!! Poor kids!!
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