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  1. Jay_LPN

    ati pharmacology test

    I did that test. It's actually pretty easy to make educated guesses on each of the questions if you don't know. There are 3 safety and infection control questions, 1 health promotion and maintenance question, 1 psycho social integrity question and 45 pharm questions. I didn't study and easily scored level 2 (it didn't effect our grades) According to my results page the mean result is a 55.3% nationwide. Good luck with your test.
  2. Jay_LPN

    ATI PN Predictor exit exam

    The predictor was pretty rough for me, but it did say I have a 94% chance of passing nclex on the first try. I hope that's true. I'll start studying after the ATI 3-day in-class content review.
  3. Jay_LPN

    did your LPN program have prereqs?

    I had 2 choices of program. 1 was a local community had pre-requisites of AP 1&2, Eng 101 and Psych 101. It was only 1 year. The second was BOCES, which only required good grades on the entrance exam. That one was 2 years. The main difference was that the first offered college credit, so you can transition to RN. I went with the community college.
  4. Jay_LPN

    To be or not to be an LPN?

    At my college, we had about 20 LPN graduates, and over 200 RN graduates. Personally, it seems like my job hunt is a lot easier compared to the job hunt for RN graduates. This work experience will also help me in my RN job hunt when I go on in my education. As for places of work, there is long term care (basically med pushers), agencies, dialysis centers, some hospitals, rehab centers, home care, etc etc. But of course, it really does matter what state your in and your scope of practice (worth googling). You should of course go back for further education down the road. Plus if your grades are not all there, it's a great way to get your foot into the profession. Hope I helped. :)
  5. Jay_LPN

    Stereotyping Male Nurses

    Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean. If you mean that image was offensive, I apologize. I intended for it to be humorous. It was only a reference to a popular show in Japan, where nursing is likely still a feminine profession. I'm not mocking male nurses. Heck, I'm going to become a male nurse in about 2 months. Plus, I doubt the majority of people stereotype nurses in either of those ridiculous lights. I mean, honestly. I'm sure most people wouldn't identify male nurses as cross-dressing homosexuals or female nurses as strippers.
  6. Jay_LPN

    Stereotyping Male Nurses

    And here we see two typical male nursing students on their clinical rotations... Kidding! Because nursing is not inherently a feminine occupation as it once was, not many people would bat an eye at a man entering nursing school. They might ask "what made you want to be a nurse?" a lot more than they would ask a female, but no one would insinuate that you were gay.
  7. Jay_LPN

    80 or above is passing!

    That's rough. Our course has a 70 requirement as per the college, although you were grilled if you got anything less than an 80. Fortunately I'm well above that with an 85 average in both my courses right now (which is actually one of the high grades). I'm graduating next week.
  8. Jay_LPN

    Why more men are needed

    That was a response to your last post. My point was there there doesn't need to be anymore male nurses in the United States to prove that it isn't an entirely feminine career choice. In other cultures/societies, sure. Maybe more male nurses would help ease the stereotype that male nurses are feminine. As to the actual male vs female nurse, it has been discussed in other threads. They should effectively deliver the same care. Sure, men can lift more. However the job only requires a nurse be able to lift 30 lbs (usually). Being able to lift a patient alone is nice and all, but if you get injured you will be out of the job and told that you should have used the equipment/resources available to you. As to the actual care; it doesn't matter as long as the nurse can be empathetic, and deliver competent care with prudence. In the end, I don't think it's wise to get more people into this career path with the amount of unemployed graduate nurses. Just leave it to the people who are passionate about it. If a man really wants to be a nurse, the concern of whether it's too feminine should be out of the question.
  9. Jay_LPN

    Why more men are needed

    What is this? The 1960s? Male nurses have been on the rise in recent years, and it is already largely accepted that men can be nurses. Very rarely however you can get a specific person of some other culture who would rather have a female nurse, which in that case you'd hand the patient over to another nurse's care. You'll be fine.
  10. Jay_LPN

    Who else starts classes on Tuesday 9-3

    I resumed on the third. Wasn't that bad. I got flooded with papers and packets which are weighing down my recently-emptied folders. Now I feel like I'm getting what I signed up for. Even started purchasing my scrubs and stuff. Looking forward to the rest of the year. :)
  11. Jay_LPN

    Taking notes

    Are the notes printable? Are there slides? I am personally a slow note-taker and I find that it leaves me paying little attention to the professor. If you want, you could get some sort of recording device. While you should ask before using one, you'll find they'll be much more careful with their words and you probably won't want to be "that person." If you do that you can carefully transcribe notes when you get home and only write down the emphasized things the professor says. Hope that helps.
  12. Jay_LPN

    LVNs/LPNs being phased out?!

    Eh, some people will be generally annoying about the subject. My parents seem to think it will be easy, but they forget it's still nursing school. Just one year of it. I chose my program in particular for the option to go back for the other year to get my RN. Getting a job doesn't seem particularly difficult in my area. I have an offer to work in a nursing home once I get licensed.
  13. Jay_LPN

    LVNs/LPNs being phased out?!

    Here's a good article by TheCommuter. The 6th paragraph should answer your question.
  14. Jay_LPN

    How Many people did your program start out with?

    It really depends on the program. Some will have half their class fail, others (like mine) had years where nobody failed. You should ask about the pass/graduation rate to your prospective schools.
  15. Jay_LPN

    men in pediatrics:) thoughts?

    Imagine seeing a female nurse fired for checking to see if a male patient was dressed. It doesn't happen because women aren't assumed to do such things with a sexual intent. That was my entire basis of concern with choosing to work pediatrics. I'm kind of happy that I'll be working with geriatric patients.
  16. Jay_LPN

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    I found AllNurses by Google. Basically every single nursing question I've ever asked has been discussed here in great depth. I took note of the wondrous discussions, the friendly users and decided to join after months of reading. Overall I'm enjoying my stay and will be sticking around for a long time.